Have you had a sex buddy? 10  votes

 Yes, it was amazing 5 votes
 Yes, She got attached 0 votes
 Yes, He got attached 3 votes
 No, thats not even right 0 votes
 No 2 votes
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Ah what a wonderful idea to have sex with someone with no commitment, no pain, no feelings. To bad 90% of the time one person gets attached and starts having feelings for the other person. So I'm curious to see how many people have had a sex buddy and if it worked or if someone got attached and it had to be broken off, also who got attached the girl or the guy. 

For me the guy got attached and i had to end it before it got messy.
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I had a "fall back guy" for years. We had dated very briefly but it didn't work out and we became buds. When we weren't in relationships we had great fun getting our needs met with each other. There was no jealousy at all, not really "passion" either..just no-strings fun.

It kind of helped me not lower my standards because I never got so desperate for sex or companionship that I resorted to slumming like some of my friends. We had a good run but he's married now..and miserable!
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I've had a fuck buddy for almost 3 years now, and its been great. We met at work, he was unhappily married and so was I. We kinda filled each others needs as being sexual human first it was a lil emotional and some feelings got involved, but over the years, we both have come to an understanding of what it is we have. Every other month or so, we see each other.. and OMG!!! the sex is past crazy..we have the craziest sexual chemistry... our sex is so intense, hot, passionate and down right nasty and I love it.. so to answer the question, yes fuck buddies can be cool, but gotta get a good understanding and a lot of communication bout the expectations..just dont get caught... lol..
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