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P Gell
One thing nobody mentioned that for some women makes ALL the difference in the world. Make her CUM [i]FIRST. [/i] That relaxes everything, and then use lots of lube, and work up from just a finger tip while you are giving her oral, to just the tip of your penis, to more, letting her guide you.  Don't cum inside her there, unless she really OKs it, it gives some women stomach cramps and diarrhea. (Imagine a semen enema, when you are just learning to like anal, not the thing to help the new learner. Save that for when the two of you have more experience with it, and only if she really likes it, and doesn't get tummy cramps from the jizz.) Just pull out and come on her back. We all like that. (I think........)

Also, using a vibe or dildo in her vagina,  for DP, so she has the familiar and very arousing vaginal penetration going on as well, and making sure she has cum and is very relaxed will make the experience MUCH more enjoyable for her.

Some women never really get to like it. Don't know what to say, but if she is very reticent, get her a strap on, and let her do you that way, and then you'll kind of have an idea. Who knows, YOU may end up liking it. At least it will let her know you're willing to go through the same learning curve as you want her to.

Many women really do enjoy it a lot, some tolerate it, some simply don't like it, ever.
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so my wife does not care for the idea at all but i have always wanted to but never have. she tells me its gross or it isn't right or how would i feel if she shoved something up me i def don't want her doing that so i under stand but i still want to. we have tried it once go. so i don't know what to do. any ideas greatly appreciated.
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Hank Alvarez
This has got to be one of the hardest things to get into. (No pun intended). Especially if she's had a past unpleasant experience. As far as her shoving something into you, she's got a point, but that can be a terrific experience for you too if it's done right.

I might suggest that you both watch Nina Hartley's anal video series because there's a lot there. Ideally watch them together. There's a basic and an advanced video in the series and I think you'll find that you'll need to watch them both. They're not just more of the same. I did a write up on them both.  It won't do much good for just one of you to watch them because for this you both really have to be in sinc on this. Beyond that there are good books available here in the store on anal sex and I would suggest you investigate those too. Your wife might be able to relate better to the one written by a woman.

We have some excellent posts in anal sex section of the Forum and I would urge you both to read them and then discuss what you read. There's a wealth of information there. Take a look and see if it helps. If it does please let us know what was helpful and what you learned from this experience because we're all just learning here. Hank 
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Hank Alvarez
Gentlemen I have a theory, but in the final analysis it can probably only be validated by the ladies. I think by it self, anal sex, unless the lady has a lot of prior pleasurable experience or she's exceptionally open minded, she isn't going to be interested or even willing to try.

I've known only four women in my life time that admitted they liked it. Four out of quite a few. One claimed she loved it. She actually preferred it to vaginal intercourse. But as I look back on it, one common trait I recall from all four of them was that by itself there didn't seem to be a great appeal.

And here's where my theory continues: if incorporated with a lot of cunnilingus that spreads to rimming and analingus I think we have a much better chance so long as we exercise great caution and care. I know that when I just got close to their anuses those four ladies were ready to go, and in those days I'd never "tossed the salad."

Unfortunately I had a wonderful opportunity to learn from these four gals but I was dumb enough to just lay there while they put a condom on me instead of paying attention and learning something. What I'm suggesting is that we take the "Pro's" advice, get some dental dams, to keep it safe, and use them. I think we'd have some interesting data to compare in a few weeks. Anybody interested? Hank 
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Hank... You're right. At least for me...going directly for the ass isn't going to do it. Roadie and I have awsome foreplay. I either masturbate for him til I cum a few times or he does it for me. Because o
he would be the thickest I've ever taken anally, we're still working toward full penetration, but the play we take part in before hand does help. I wouldn't say anal is even in my top five favorite sexual activities, but I'm more than willing to give Roadie the experience.
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Plum Pudding
For a long time I didn't warm up to the idea either but while watching porn and seeing others do it I was turned on. We started with something called anal eaze. It relaxes the muscles. That didn't work for me. What did was an anal plug. Just a small one. It relaxes the muscles a lot better. So we started there kiss, oral sex or whatever else to relax the rest of me. Then after awhile it is removed and we apply more lube and it is way better, actually very enjoyable. Also ladies you can have really strong orgasms and sex with the plug is awesome. sorry I am rambling, lol, plug, lube, foreplay are my recommendations.
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my wife for along time refused anal sex, but al last we did it  and she really liked it, and always getting great pleasure,
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