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It's common knowledge that women take a bit longer than men to get to the big, sparkling orgasm. It's also common knowledge that sometimes, it doesn't happen at all. Do you think anyone is at fault when it doesn't happen? Or do you take it personal?

Some people say they have to be in the right frame of mind to have an orgasm through penetrative sex. Others say they haven't been warmed up enough. Some go so far as to say it's their partner's fault for being a crummy lover.

I think there are certain positions that will help, but may not always work. Mindset is huge. Consider being responsible for your own orgasm. Your partner should definitely be in tune with your satisfaction, but if you can't vocalize what you need, it's not going to happen. Just lying there thinking he's going to do all the work is the wrong attitude.

Missionary can be boring, but it really is a good position for a female to orgasm. You almost want to both be flat, like pancakes on top of each other. The bottom person should also be thrusting. There is a magical spot that gets stroked when this occurs and if the top can hold off long enough, the bottom should be able to achieve an orgasm.

Don't play the blame game, take responsibility and be vocal!
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Hank Alvarez
Amen, Pro. Isn't that why we have sex though to get off? If you're fucking to accommodate your horny lover that's one thing and I wonder if that's more often the case with women since they have to be more emotionally involved than men. For us guys it's easy we just have to be there but with the ladies it's always been a mystery. HHH
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HHH wrote:

Isn't that why we have sex though to get off?

Er, no. What about to be close, to feel intimacy? To please someone else? To show you care? Just to enjoy it even if you don't get off.
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I take full responsibility for my orgasms. We always have lots of foreplay and I take the lead when it comes to sex. If I decide to jump on before I'm really ready then I only have myself to blame. lol.

My partner takes full responsibility for his too. He will try to hold off as long as possible to make sure we both come.
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You always hear about performance pressure on men but there is also alot of pressure on us to orgasm. I hate hearing "did you come yet?" like a broken record. I am totally cool with having good sex without it ending in an orgasm but my previous partners have not always understood that. its like a test they didnt pass. Orgasms are the best thing ever but its not always in the cards. ya know?
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I'll bet 99.99 percent of men cannot imagine having sex and not getting off. Whereas while women certainly enjoy and desire an orgasm, sometimes the intimacy and closeness are enough.
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I have certainly never been with a man who didn't enjoy getting off every time we had sex, but I understand the differences between men and women.
I explained to my man that there are times I get off emotionally and it is just as satisfying as the big O. Why? Because it gives me the feeling of being connected on that level.
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Plum Pudding
I dont' think it is anyone's fault and no one she take it personal. I think the longer you have sex the more you know about yourself and how to move your body  or hands to acheive orgasms. Sometimes I personally don't have to cum. I love to just feel him. I think sometimes for women it is more about the intamicy. Not saying that it is not that way for men but I don't think our mindset is we are doing it just get off.
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