Guys, we really don't know how it feels to be a girl when having sex.  I think I can give a reasonable example for girls though, on what guys feel.  Just imagine your clit being 6 inches bigger and experienced girls know how it feels to have their clit sucked on, just times that by 10!  But on to the main question!

Does Anal sex to you girls, feel around the same as getting it in the pussy?  Just really curious, since it's interesting to know "how" it feels to you women.  Guess thats only natural haha.
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Interesting theory on the clit thing but no, anal sex feels nothing like getting it in the pussy. Whole different ballgame.
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I also think the clit comparison is complete BS.

Also, agree with Nanette on this one.. Anal and vaginal feel completely different. Anal feels a bit like the opposite of going #2 and the tissues are just different.
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It is nothing like anal sex but our the clits are very similer to penile tissue.
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Hank Alvarez
TheforgottenYogurt: why don't you tell us? Seriously, I've heard a lot of women try to explain it in terms that a man could understand and I don't think anyone has really come close. Why don't you take a crack at it. Hank
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Tabu Toypro
Well for starters, the anal cavity is much tighter and not lubricated at all. So unless there's ample lube, it can hurt! But you can experience a lot of different sensations just by changing positions.

I'd definitely say the sensitivity level is higher with anal rather than vaginal. But it's not something you'd do daily. Seems like the sphincter needs a day or two to chill whereas the vagina can take it hard, fast and often.

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P Gell
Totally different! Once you get the hang of it, very very exciting, but it feels nothing like vaginal sex.

One way to make it more appealing, use a vibe or a dildo, and use the dil for her vag (that way it will be familiar to her at first) and [b]nothing[b] feels like Double Penetration. All the fun and NONE of the requisite drama of an other person in the room.
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