The toy has one specific attribute for each of these challenges.
1. The Clitoris
The Pussy Pal has an outer appendage that protrudes out from the base of the toy and it is shaped like a ladybird with tiny little antlers at the top of it, this quivers and vibrators and is positioned in exactly the place to give the clitoris the best time its ever had.

2. Labia minora
The Pussy Pal has managed quite successfully to be able to achieve a delicate balance of stimulating the labia minora or the outer opening of the vagina, it uses a series of spinning pearl balls. These gently spin around while the device is working and massage the this area of the vagina.

3. The G-Spot
Although the G-Spot is an allusive area of the vagina it is not particularly hard to find for the Pussy Pal , because it is shaped in just the right way to find the G-Spot each and every time. The Pussy Pal’s end of the shaft gently spins around to massage the G-Spot with ultra gentle strokes and does not put extensive pressure on it for long periods of time as to cause pain like some other toys do.

In conclusion this adult toy offers the best of all the sensations a woman can handle from one toy and it will certainly have you reeling in ecstasy laden orgasms time and time again. Even if you find it very difficult to reach orgasm with a man this toy will not leave you high and dry EVER.
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