From my blog Thoughts on Naughtiness & Kink sent me my very first pair of vibrating ben wa balls. The first thing you notice about them is that they're fairly lightweight as is the controller, although it does get a bit heavier with the insertion of two AA batteries (not included). The second thing you notice (if you tend to sniff the toy immediately after removing it from its packaging) is an odd odor that strongly reminds me of warm wires on the verge of burning up. It's off-putting but I don't plan on spending my time with them inhaling the odor, so I'm not overly bothered by it.

The cord that runs from the controller to the first ball is just shy of 21 ins. The length of cord between the balls is 3 inches, and each ball measures at a 1.5 in. diameter (4.5 ins. around). It'd be nice if the main cord was a couple inches longer, but it's workable as is.

You’ve got 4 vibration settings: low, medium, high and super. All the settings are nice and not particularly loud when they are inside you or muffled by clothes. I’m fond of the super setting because that’s the kind of vibration I really like.

They didn’t do much for me with both balls inside me while I was lying down on my back. I did eventually take one out and worked my clit with it. The 3 ins. of cord is perfect for accomplishing that. Now, I don’t get off from vibrations alone. I need to be able to push against my clit...I need pressure. Once I cradled the ball against my clit and rubbed all over it with a good bit of pressure, I was able to achieve fantastic orgasm.

Now they’re especially nice when you’re sitting at your computer and you’ve got one ball inside and the other one buzzing happily away at your clit. I did just that the other day while fully clothed. I suppose being naked could’ve been loads better, but that's rarely an ideal situation for me. Rocking, grinding and squeezing my thighs made me close my eyes and moan frequently. The balls were definitely more fun this way. I was able to feel the vibrations inside me much better.

These balls are meant for either vaginal or anal stimulation, but I'm leery of putting something hanging by a cord into my anus, so I'm unable to report on how well they work anally.

I did a little video to show off the different vibrations. I know I could've done the video as my review, but I'm a writer at heart and I express myself better this way. I'm not much of a video maker, but I didn't try to perfect my narrative with many retakes, and I didn't do much editing; I wanted it to be as natural as possible. So, you'll hear my mistakes and fumbles and you'll see my less-than-stellar camera work.

I made a discovery about the balls while in the middle of the video and I'll follow it with my comments.

(Video found here:

It's been a couple days since I last used the balls and this video was shot earlier today, and as far as I remember the balls vibrated equally while I was testing them out. So while overall it's a negative, I'm not too concerned because it's the ball that I nestle against my clit that I want to have the most powerful vibes anyway. But if the intensity of the vibes lessens in that ball, then it'll be a huge negative for me. Perhaps the ball was like that to begin with (my memory isn't always the greatest) and was made to be less intense, or perhaps I just accidentally received a somewhat faulty product.

Whatever the cause these will still make a nice replacement for the string of ben wa balls that I've had up until now. You know, as long as they don't peter out too quickly. I do like the 4 vibe speeds and the dual sensation of one inside me and one against my clit. If these vibrating ben wa balls sound like something you'd like to give a try, then head over to and place your order today. Not sold on them? Then check out the other vibrating bullets and all sorts of vibrators and sex toys that they stock.
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Whoa! These definitely sound interesting! I will have to check them out.
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Cool beans! :-)
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