Just got invited to this site and will take a while to get use to it but hope that I will fit in.
I'm Nevell, just your everyday olehippy, 57 yrs young.  Retired and with alot of time on my hands now that I have a disability and am not able to get around easily, really just another bump in lifes road. Have lived a full and sometime exciting life, worked some different type jobs but it is the hobby times that have proved most interesting. Been in the music biz one way or the other since I was 12 yrs old and right now do about 20 shows a year as a sound and lighting engineer.  Tried my hand at policework for a number of years almost getting killed so gave that up but kept up with the work as a PI and personal bodyguard. Had a friend who was way to rich for his needs and owned a Indy and Nascar team which led to some interesting times.
Basically I love woman and not just the pretty ones. Each woman has her own nich in life. Some are pretty and some not so pretty but on the inside is what really counts. Big, small, tall, short, long hair, short hair, all of them interest me in one way or the other. Like Father Flangagian said,"There are no bad boys." I believe there are no bad woman, just some that need a special handleing and if they except help and take it for what it is worth, the better they will become..
I'm a talker and can fit in anywhere. I know no ethnic or reglious boundries, but will treat you as I would want you to treat me. I'm not gullable by any means and can spot a phoney a mile away, or a lier. Once I am lied to I tend to shy away from that person.  I'm not the cuties pup in the litter but more like the big ole goofy one that loves attention and will give love unconditionally.  What I write about are personal experiences 99% of the time as fiction anyone can write about. Not all take place right now but more than likely I am reliving my pass as my future doesn't seem to be going as good as I would like it to, so enjoy and have fun.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Welcome Aboard, Olehippy! I havent been here long, but already feel like I fit in. I know you will too!
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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Welcome OleHippy! As Roadie says, everyone fits-in around here. We even have a place where the spammers can play (in link exchange)
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Hi Everyone,
Wow, intersting posts. I am new to this site. Just bought me a bunch o'toys to satisfy me. Been married 26 yrs & been celebate about 17 of them. I am looking to talk sex & enjoy what I can as I am not to old as I found out recently. I am 54 & thought I was done years ago but I recently met someone who I hooked up with & he is into Master/Slave play.  WOW. I found out I am not out of the game yet & that is why I bought the toys. When he is not around I am taking care of business myself.  Olehippy, never give up.  It is like riding a bicycle but WAY< WAY more enjoyable & fun.  LET's DO IT!!!!!! :-*
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