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When I suggested this part of the Forum I was looking for a place to exchange ideas with my contemporaries. I’m sixty-seven years old, soon to be sixty eight, and most of my friends, my same age, are either “in the home” or dead. I was hoping I could ask questions from, ideally someone a little older who wouldn’t mind sharing their life experiences. You know, individuals who’d already invented the wheels I’m toiling with in my every day life.\
To those of you younger interlopers:  yes, the sex with my fifty-one years old child bride of twenty-five years is still wonderful, even at this advanced age, but I’d like some feedback from those in the know as to what I can expect in the future.
Daily I get advertisements for porn. Most of which are obviously produced with folks from the twenty-five to forty years age group. But I’m not forty any more and there’s little interest on my part or value in seeing women almost twenty years younger doing things with young men I use to enjoy. That’s like dangling chocolate in front of a hungry diabetic. I haven’t been in bed with a forty year old woman for eleven years and as long as my honey lasts I’m not likely to. What does that mean? Are old farts like me not supposed to fuck anymore? If that’s the case just close the lid.
I like to watch porn for a couple of reasons: one and the most obvious is that it helps put the lead back in my pencil. Second, believe it or not old dogs can learn new tricks, or at least be reminded of some we use to know. Every once in a while I’ll see something in a video and practice it on my Mrs. and later that night she’ll look at me wide eyed and say wow! That does a lot for my old ego.
But I like to watch age appropriate porn. If you’re close to my age and you can do it on camera I’d sure like to try but I’m not going to try some of the shit demonstrated by the likes of Evan Stone or some of the other younger contortionists. So you advertise, “50 and still fuckin.’” Bullshit! You buy the video and they do have a couple of people near my age but most of the fillers are youngsters in their twenties and thirties. That’s useless to me, and an unfair insult. They don’t look like me, act like me or do things that I am physically capable of anymore. That’s a dirty trick and I resent it.
I’ve bought literally a “shit load” of movies advertised as Mature/Granny porn that have actors and artists that are not even close to age appropriate. That adds up to a lot of wasted money and a lot of disappointments. I have a pretty extensive adult video collection and if you know of some that aren’t a scam filled with “underage actors” please let me know and I’ll be glad to return the favor with reviews of what I have. Hank
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Actually, Hank, judging by what I see in here from postings, everybody kind of looks to you for advice as we age. I know I do. I'd like to know what's going to happen to me as I age gracefully.

Having said that, I'm not sure we have any contemporaries out there...at least around here. Because I dont know how old any one else is, that may be too much of a generalization. But I still like the idea of this section. I kind of thought there would be more questions about sex as we age. My problem now is trying to keep up with Dreamer!

And I agree with you about the porno film industry. We get ripped off by flashy advertising. Kind of hard for me to imagine that there is no porno where the actors and actresses are 'of an age' that people would not buy the films. Do we need to start our own film studio???
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Hank Alvarez
Roadie: Keeping up with our younger better halves can be a problem. I think there are a lot more of our contemporaries than you think but mine come from a generation where sex wasn't usually discussed except in the locker room. We need to learn that fuckin' is fun. When it's no, they can close the lid. Hank 
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