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CHATSWORTH, CA - Research conducted independently by Greenpeace confirms what Topco Sales® has always asserted: CyberSkin® does not contain phthalates.

Phthalates have come under scrutiny lately as studies claim large doses may be harmful to rodents, and therefore possibly harmful to humans. Greenpeace Netherlands released a report on September 6, 2006, conducted by TNO research lab, which tested eight different sex toys for concentrations of phthalates. One of the sex toys was a very popular CyberSkin® product manufactured by Topco Sales®. Out of the eight toys tested for phthalates, the Topco Sales’ CyberSkin® product was the only one that did not contain phthalates. Greenpeace’s research therefore confirms that there are no phthalates in CyberSkin®

Despite the Greenpeace report, and the long-standing position from Topco Sales® that CyberSkin® does not, and never has, contained phthalates, misinformation continues to be purported by magazines and websites like XBIZ, on internet blogs, in newsletters and by misinformed individuals.

Desiree Duffie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Topco Sales® explains; “Though there are adult products that contain phthalates, CyberSkin® products are not among them. At Topco Sales® we’ve said all along that CyberSkin® is Phthalate free, however despite that, and even despite the recent Greenpeace report, there are still news groups and misinformed individuals incorrectly stating that CyberSkin® products contain phthalates. Part of this misinformation stems from the incredible popularity of CyberSkin®. It is a very realistic feeling material used to make sex toys by Topco Sales®. As a result of that popularity, many similar materials have been mimicked within the adult novelty industry. Unknowing consumers, retailers and press often refer to any soft, stretchy or ‘jelly-like’ material as CyberSkin®. Even though other products may be similar to CyberSkin®, Topco Sales® is the original, and the original does not contain phthalates.”

CyberSkin® is a Thermo Plastic Resin (TPR) and all ingredients in CyberSkin® are on FDA approved lists. Additionally, CyberSkin® contains no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), no heavy metals, and no latex. The importance of health, not only to the consumer, but also to Topco Sales® employees, is paramount. Topco Sales® uses non-toxic additives cleared by the FDA under Title 21 Section 178.2010 Code of Federal Regulation. As with all sex toys, Topco Sales® advocates that the consumer should follow care and maintenance instructions.

About Topco Sales®
Topco Sales® has been a leader in the adult novelty industry for more than 30 years, creating new and exciting products around the world. Located in Chatsworth, California, Topco Sales® continues to grow with today’s hottest adult companies including Adam and Eve® , Hustler®, Penthouse® , Danni's Toy box, Jill Kelly Collection™ , and Chi Chi LaRue’s ColleXXXion™ in addition to their in-house brands TLC®, Wildfire®, Boi Toyz™ and Grrl Toyz™.

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