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OK Boyz. Happy New Year. Here’s to finding the girl of your dreams online.

I always get recruited to help friends write personal ads and I’ve learned a thing or two now about what girls do and most importantly do NOT respond to… And girls aren’t like you, we don’t JUST look at your picture… we would much rather know what’s in your wallet… I mean brain… THAT SAID here is some SIMPLE ADVICE for creating a rocking online personal ad. Then I included a great example for you to feel free to use as a model for what your ad might someday be like…
1. Don’t write your own online personal… or you can write the general idea, but then have a good friend that really knows you proof it… a real friend is a girl equivalent to a friend that would say, “Yes, your butt does look big in those jeans.”

2. NEVER EVER write: People tell me I have a good sense of humor… instead prove you are funny (no, girls do not like pull your finger jokes - at this stage anyway… )

3. Try to avoid lame overused words such as I would like to meet someone interesting or someone special. I got bored just typing that sentence.
OK so here is the reworked, fully edited, make you laugh but show your sensitive side type of online personal ad girls dig. The said boy is a classic New England guy…

Title: I am 6 feet tall

Profile: I am not 6 feet tall, but I feel like that is the magic online height number you ladies are looking for… So you would “over” look me before even looking at me. I’m not short mind you; I’m 5′ 9 two inches away from your arbitrary height cut off… If online dating was like Disney World I’d be too short to ride on the rollercoaster of love, well that’s fine with me because while you are trying to defy gravity while on the roller coaster ride reading “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “They Call It a Breakup Because It’s Broken” only to get off feel nauseous and talk to your girlfriends about what happened and why he didn’t call you and analyze why and if he likes you and blah blah blah… You COULD have been out with me drinking Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, not being too into yoga, admiring my half a brain; we could have made love at mid-night etc.

Seriously if you want a RICH guy and like weekends in Cape Cod, expensive dinners, and random trips to Aruba – it might be a good idea to respond to me. Have I got some guys for you, of course they are older… much older… and married…

It’s not true that I JUST want to get laid. I want to be in love and hold hands and all of that stuff… and if we happen to have sex along the way - Great. Actually, better than Great – kidding of course (about the holding hands thing…)

I am a normal guy, I get along with my parents, I have a job, I leave the toilet seat up and I like sports. Real sports – where people collide into each other and woman in revealing outfits roam the sidelines – but of course I never look… And if you came with me to a game I would say things like “No, who cares if a girl with fake breasts can do splits half naked in the snow and rain… All I care about is that I am here with you.” And you know what the sappy truth is, that it would be true.

I like sports but I also like gossip… I am that guy that can hang with the guys, but actually loves dating women so I can read your US and Cosmo for celebrity gossip. Here’s the dirty truth good gossip is just as exciting as a good game… If not better.

What I am looking for? A Red Sox Fan

Good ad, huh? He said his inbox was full. Now do you think you are ready to create your own fun exciting non boring maybe a girl will respond personal ad?

Now go get some…
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