Hello All:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm running a creative Halloween contest on my blog. There are three categories you can enter: Written, art/craft, and costume. There are 1st and 2nd place prizes for each category, and then one main prize that will be given to one of the six winners! Tabutoys is one of the sponsors and their contribution is the 2nd place prize in the costume category. See my blog Naughty Eliot for contest rules and deadline info.

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Hi Folks,

Just a friendly reminder to take advantage of Eliot's awesome contest! She is literally giving away a fortune
in sexy prizes, and as of yet, only a couple of people have entered. That means you have a pretty good chance of winning a whole lotta' sex toys.

Here's 3 fun ways to win:

"Written: It's very simple: I want you to write me a short story that will spook/thrill me. The work must be of your own creation. If you're caught plagiarizing you will be disqualified. There's a 1500 word limit and you must send your story as a Word doc attachment."
Paging Hank and Ol Hippie!

"Art/Craft: draw, paint, carve, or craft me something spooky. Your work must be original. I value creativity and originality over technical skill. For example: You can do a beautiful and faithfully rendered pencil drawing of Gary Oldman as Bram Stoker's Dracula but it's not going to impress me beyond technical skill. Now, if you draw me some monstrous creature that came directly from your imagination, I'm going to perk up. Once you've created your masterpiece, you'll need to take a good quality photo of it."

"Costume: I don't want sickly sweet and/or cute costumes or overtly sexual costumes. I want something spooky or dark in tone. Your costume doesn't have to be expensive. [Edit] It must not be something you've just bought at a store. [/Edit] But it must be creative and well-executed. Save photos in JPEG format and send them as an e-mail attachment. And just like the art/craft entries, you'll need to include the words "Naughty Eliot" somewhere in the picture to verify authenticity." Paging Dreamer and Roadie!
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