Hey, has anyone got any ideas for a costume this year for the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade? I go EVERY year and every year I am always a butterfly or a fairy, or something very fun and pretty, but this year my friends and I are trying to do something together, and dress as a group. We also want to do something raunchy this year to sort of thumb our noses at the homophobes. I was GOING to buy up a bunch of those classic Dong dildos and glue them all over a nude body suit and call myself a “pork-upine” but that won’t work for the group. My boyfriend want us to go as a leather daddy biker club, but I  think there will be enough REAL leather daddies there. So my next suggestion was to maybe dress as drag queen cowboys and have dildos in our holsters and call ourselves the “Pussy Posse”. I giggle by the way every time I say that. Any how I am searching through the site now to find some stuff, and if we do go with the “Pussy Posse” I’ll want to buy better dildos like the Fabio one I just checked out, since we can reuse them. I love when my BF sucks my cock while he fucks my ass with a good dildo so why not kill two bird with one stone, right?
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Hey Tony -

We have a few suggestions...there's the Ride 'Em Cowgirl Set. Depending on your height/build, you might need to look at the plus sized version.

Also, look at the Sexy Snow Bunny. The bottoms could work like chaps - you might want to lose the ears. I think the dildos in a holster is a great idea!
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We are going too!!!! Anyway, I LOVE The Pussy Posse idea! How great is that! You should totally do that. I haven’t ever used the Fabio Cock but theres lots of good ones out there. Now I don’t have any ideas that trump yours for your group, but I did want to share what my group and I are doing. Well just like you guys, we go every year, we are however a co-ed member exclusive swingers group. This year we are gearing up our vibes doubledongs, strap-ons, accommodators, whips, clamps harnesses swing, bindings and good old-fashioned ropes (we have a former navy man in the group) and building a portable BDSM dungeon! I am so freakin excited for this I can’t tell you! In fact, cum to think of it, if you and your crew can’t agree on a theme I could approach my own group and see if we couldn’t invite you all to join the float? All of our members are bi or bi-curious so you’d be welcome and we all wear masks so, it would sort of be a free for all of sexual ambiguity! What do you think?

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