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Here's a beautiful post about the importance of getting tested for STIs from Misty Kaye's blog, The View From My Knees.

Misty says, "Condoms are not 100% effective at preventing the spread of STIs, and people are not 100% effective at using them. Any number of condom mishaps can occur that might increase the spread of an infection, and the symptoms of many STIs can be missed or confused with a number of other minor infections. Sometimes, they can display no symptoms at all."

It's true! There are many silent infections and diseases that can breed havoc inside you without your knowledge. And one session of unprotected contact is all it takes to pass it on. The importance of regular testing can help in early detection and can have potential life saving results. 

At her blog, you'll also get some info on Seattle's Lifelong AIDS Alliance charity and what you can do to support a great cause or help inspire you to help your local AIDS awareness advocates.  Check it out:  Tested

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