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Howdy everyone!

I'll be on vacation until the 28th so you won't hear peep from me until then. Keep the forums alive! I can't wait to read your posts when I'm back. Madam Moderator and Admin are here in my absence so be good.

Actually, be a little naughty for me 

And if you're still reading, I have a little present for you: 20% off discount code to anything at Type the word SANTA into the discount box and then click on recalculate. It's good through Xmas so go on, indulge a little.

Happy Holidays!

- your toypro

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Oh, I wish it would last past XMas! I'm broke at the moment because of Christmas, but next month will replenish my finances. Enjoy your Holidays!
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Thanks for the coupon. We're staying in for New Years so hopefully these will come in handy

I'll let you know.
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The passion wave is great but quite large!
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oh yah, she read your review..
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We would like to extend warm and sexy Holiday Greetings to all our friends on Tabu! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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