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A yourtango reader presented this situation in search of answers:

We have been dating for six months.Our first time sleeping together was not the greatest One week after we first became intimate he was in a car accident and broke his ribs. During the healing process we used other means of pleasuring each other.When we finally could make love again it took us awhile to figure out what worked for each other and in the last month we have finally got it but lately he has been working overtime(12 hour days ) and when we do finally get alone time together I start to get him aroused to take it further and he will fall asleep on me. Then I get mad and if he tries to wake me up for sex in the morning I will cut him off.I feel that if he was that into me he would be able to stay awake to give me what I want. He says that it relaxes him when I'm doing it and he cant help it .What can i do to get him to stay awake ?

What advice might you have for her? Ever been in a situation like this?
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Hank Alvarez
Probably nothing, if his twelve hours of labor are either heavy or stressful you might be trying to swim up stream. For the time being, try readjusting your clocks to something that's agreeable to both of you. If he's up for it in the morning you might want to try it and he can accommodate your peak hours on his days off when his energy level has recovered.

I had a stretch during grad. school in the late seventies where I was working two jobs and carrying twelve units and doing a thesis study. I fell asleep while my girl friend was going down on me and she got mad and I was embarrassed. It was an all around bummer. I did a lot of apologizing and we talked about it. For us the solution was merely adjusting the clock a little. Try communicating. I'm sure you'll find an answer. Hank 
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