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02/25/2009 Betty Knowles, AVN Busines Online

MACOMB, Mich. - The makers of Balzee, a non-surgical prosthesis for testicles, have decided to release the product to the adult novelty market.

David Witherly, director of Applied Science Division, which created the Balzee, said the medical device is being marketed in the U.S. and soon in Europe after so many male testers of the product - many of whom had normal testicle anatomy - asked to keep their units after the trials.

Witherly said the most popular way for couples to use the device is to warm them in a microwave for a few seconds, so they reach just above body temperature. Then, they simply slide down the shaft of an erect penis, dildo or vibrator.

"Most males report excitement from the newfound sensations of another set of ‘warm balls' making contact with his as he thrusts forward and back," Witherly said. "While most testicle shapes formed into sex toys are at the end and necessitate full penetration for contact and do not swing and bounce across the receiver's skin like real testicles do, the Balzee allows you to put the testicles right where the best-feeling depth is for the receiver."

Balzees are designed to fit over a shaft width at the base of between 1 and 2 inches wide. The medical-grade silicone is available in light Caucasian, sun tan, dark brown and midnight black.

Available in the U.S., Witherly said the company has recently inked a deal with a UK distributor to take the Balzee to the European market.

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This concept is completely lost on me.
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Um.. why?
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Hank Alvarez
Don't worry they'll probably be made in China next year and made available over the counter. Hank
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