I guess you could say I was getting long in the tooth. After 40 years in the music business I was considered one of the better sound and lighting engineers in our local area. I had been doing this one show, a benefit for 30 years and just about knew everyone that came there every year. This year Thur me for a loop. I was doing a last minute check on the lighting, up on a latter moving a few cans around when I heard someone say, "This is just like the first time I saw you, up on a latter and you don't look that much different today as you did back then."  I was trying to tighten up a nut and was having a problem with it so I just said," I might not look that different for your angle but I have changed alot in the last 40 years of doing this." That's when I finally looked down and almost fell off the latter.

She hadn't changed at all from what I could see. Still 5' 7"  long light brown almost Blondie hair almost to the middle of that apple shaped ass, skin still creamy and smooth and those green eyes once again drilling holes right into my soul.  I had not seen Charlie as I called her since he father asked me not to see her again after we had been out on my Harley and had a small accident. She just got some road rash after a drunk driver ran us off the road one night on her 19 birthday. He old man being a cop I had to respect his wishes or face the devil and at that time I wasn't into pissing people off. I got down off the latter and she threw her arms around me and gave me a bear hug and kiss on the cheek and asked  what I had been up to the last 30 years. I told her it was a long story and that I had been behaving myself somewhat, being married until a 5 years ago when I lost my wife to cancer. She said she was sorry to hear that and I had to laugh a little, I then told her she didn't die but she just turned off and stopped living.  I had tried to do everything I could to get her over losing her one breast, even after reconstruction, she just refused to have anything to do with sex.  She then laughed and said she knew exactly what I meant.

I asked her what she meant as I could see that her 36 D's didn't look any different than the last time I saw them and I hope she didn't have any medical trouble, and she just laughed and said it wasn't her but her old man. She married a guy 5 years older than her and a few years back he lost his business but not before he had a bunch of money stashed away. When he lost the business his dick stopped working and even those little blue pills couldn't help him and he to had given up and turned mean. She said that if things didn't change she was going to divorce him in the next six months or sooner if he laid a hand on her again.  I told her if he did to call me and it would be the last time he ever laid a hand on her. That's when Mr Wonderful showed up.  She introduced him to me and we shook hands and I could tell he was a pompous ass.

Through out the night Charlie would stop by the sound table and gab with me and at the end of the night she gave me a hug and stuck a piece of paper in my shirt pocket.  We broke down the stage and I was sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up to thaw the windows when I remember the note, I dug it out and read it, "It was a phone number and it said to call tommorrow after 2."  I put the note in my wallet and went home and to bed but didn't sleep that much. I made up a excuse to get out of the house and at 2 I called the number and Charlie answered.
She asked if I could get away for a couple of hours tommorrow night and I said I could think of something and she told me to call that number about 5 and she would meet up with me as she wanted to talk to me about something important.  I told her I didn't want her getting in any trouble but she said that her old man was leaving in the morning for a week of hunting and she would have alot of free time, so I told her I would call her and let her know tommorrow.

I made so excuse and was cleared till about midnight or longer and called her at 5.  She told me to meet her at the local casino hotel and that she had a suite there where we could talk without any prying eyes.  I arrived and went up to the room and when  the door opened I got the suprise of my life. Charlie answered the door wearing a red silk teddy with the long flowing robe and all. It fit her like a glove and her nipples were sticking out like two knobs on a radio.  I was a little dumbfounded and just stood there like a idiot till she reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room.  I had enough sense somehow to close the door and when I did she threw her arms around my neck and locked lips with me sending her tongue halfway down my throat. She was rubbing her chest and pelvis against me and it wasn't long before I had a raging hard on.  As shocked as I was I wasn't sure if this is what was suppose to be happening and I reached up and took her by the shoulders and gently pushed her back breaking the kiss.

"What the hell was that all about I said."

"Well if it wasn't that apparent, I missed you, and from the looks of your cock you have missed me too."  she said with a smile on her face.

"Come sit down and have a drink and let me explain" and once again she grabbed my hand and led me to a chair next to the table.  I sat and she walked over and started to make us each a drink and she started to tell me this story.  "I am at a point in my life where I am not happy and I finally figured out that none of this was my fault. My old man isn't going to change but I am going to change my life and go on. We moved back her about a year ago and I got to talking to some of my old girlfriend and I learned everything I could about you and what you have been up to since the day my father asked you not to see me again. That he didn't have any right in doing. I have never forgot you or how you could make me feel. I haven't been made love to except by a vibrator in the last 5 years and tonight I am going to fix that. I am not asking you to leave your wife or anything of the kind but what I am asking you to do is to make love to me and make me feel like a woman again so I can go on with my life. Whether it be this one time or anytime you like in the future you can have me.  I am going to divorce him and you have nothing to do with that, I will be well off and able to take care of myself so you don't have to worry about having to help support me in anyway. Now the question is and its a very important one, do you want this and me."

And with those last words she dropped the robe from her shoulders and slowly reached up and started to unsnap the front of the teddy. With each snap her breast would wiggle and I didn't think it was possible but her nipples would get harder and longer. When she reached between her legs and unsnapped the last one she took one hand and slowly took it off on shoulder then the other and let it fall to the floor next to the robe. Her hair hung over her chest and covered her breast and I was taking in the most beautiful sight I had seen in a long long time. She spread her legs and I could see that she was clean shaved and her inner thighs were wet with moisture.  I picked up my glass and finished my drink and stood and walked over to her. I reached up and cupped her face in my hands and lowered my head and kissed her lightly on the lips. " I would be honored to make love to you."  was all that I could say and that's when I saw a tear run down her cheek.

She reach out and helped me get my shirt over my head then she dropped to her knees and started to unbutton my pants.  I kicked off my shoes and she pulled my zipper down running her tongue over my hard cock under my shorts.  When she pulled my pants and short down at the same time my hard cock sprang forward hitting her right in the nose bring a small laugh from her. Then her eyes seemed to glaze over as she ran her tongue over the tip and around the head. Pre cum was starting to seep out the end and each drop she caught with her tongue and a small moan.  Without useing her hands she caught the head between her lips and slowly started to take me into her mouth. She lowered her head till she had all 7 inches in her mouth and he nose was buried in the base and her tongue flicked out and licked at my balls.  I was started to see stars already. I had not had a blowjob much less one this good in a long time. She reached around cupping my ass in her hands, her fingers playing up and down my ass crack as her head started to  bob up and down the whole length of my cock. Each time she would bottom out she would stop and flick her tongue out and lick at  my ball sac. I told her I wasn't going to last long and she let my cock pop out of her mouth and she looked up at me with those green eye shining and said," I want to you cum down my throat, I want to taste you cum again like I use to long ago." and she went back to taking me down her throat but now with much fast and more purposeful  force.  Her one hand had found my ass hole and she was busy wiggling a finger up inside me looking for my prostrate and when she found it she started to massage it in motion with her sucking.  That was it for me I could feel the cum start to boil and flow towards the end of my cock and she could too. She buried it down her throat just as it started to blast our the end and I could hear her gulping, swallowing it all. My knees were shaking and I was breathing like a racehorse at the end of the track, but she wouldn't let up till she had all of it.

Once I was a little steady on my feet she let my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and looked up and smiled at me and said,"Dam I needed that. You have got bigger over the years I didn't think I was going to get all of that down my throat."  I reached down and picked her up and gave her the hardest french kiss I could and wrapped her legs around my waist.  I carried her to the bed and laid her down and dropped to my knees and placed her legs over my shoulders.  I started kissing the inside of her thighs as I reached up with both hands and started to massage her breast and pinch her nipples. This caused her to whimper and moan and start to shake all over. I just licked around her pussy lips and sucked on them teasing her. Her heal were digging into my back trying to pull me closer into her with each lick.  I took one lick started at her asshole all the way up till I hit her clit. When I found it I sucked it into my mouth and used my teeth to tease it bringing a small scream from her then a low growl.  I continued sucking on her clit and brought on hand down and slowly inserted my middle finger up her hole to find her g spot and find it I did. The moment I touched it she clamped her legs around my head and rewarded me by shooting cum out of her pussy and drenching my face. She came for a good 30 seconds, thrashing around on the bed as I kept sucking her clit and fingering her hole.

She reached down and grabbed two hands full of hair and pounded my face into her pussy.  I inserted another finger in her pussy and was running the third around the rim of her ass at the same time.  Suddenly her ass opened up and sucked my finger knuckle deep up her ass and I started to pump both holes as fast as I could. My face was dripping with her cum and she was no were near being finished so I just kept doing what I was doing but I added another finger to her ass which brought another face drenching orgasm from her. I was once again hard as a rock and finally broke away from her and stood.  She sat up and bent down and once again swallowed my cock down her throat getting it good and wet then she rolled over and got on all fours presenting her apple sized ass to me.

I ran my cock up and down her slit getting it wetter as she moaned and shoot, I rubbed the head against her clit a few time and she looked over her shoulder with  wild eyes and said," Fuck me and fuck me hard, I don't care if you stick it in my pussy or my ass but stick it in me and pound me hard."  With that I place the head at her pussy hole, she felt this and pushed back taking my cock balls deep. She held her ass against me then started to pump herself back and forth almost knocking me over. I reached down and grabbed her hips to hold on and she was not letting out little screams with each thrust. I took one hand and put two finger up her ass and this just drove her to bounce harder and harder. My ball were slapping against her and hitting her clit each time then she suddenly stopped and reached back and pulled me out of her and put the head against her asshole and slowly pushed back.  Her ass was not opening up but she didn't give up and all of a sudden she pushed back as hard as she could and it popped open. When the head disappeared inside of her her pussy once again shot out a massive amount of cum and she just went stiff .  I reached up and grabbed two handful of hair like reins on a horse and held on. She took my whole cock up her ass on the third try and it felt like a glove that was two sizes to small. She started riding my cock and telling me to fuck her harder and deeper but I was as deep as I could go.

Five minute of hard pounding and I was once again getting that feeling of cum boiling up in my balls. I told her I was ready to cum and she just screamed for me to fuck her ass and fill it with my cum. I pulled her hair back and filled her ass with 5 long jets of cum and then just fell forward on top of her.  I put my arms around her and rolled us on our side still buried in her ass and that's where we lay ed for the next 30 minutes.  As I started to shrink her ass muscles would tighten and pull me back in each time. She turned her head and kissed me and said,"That was the wildest sex I have ever had, at least since the first time you screwed me.  I wish I would have let you have my ass back then, I can't believe I have been missing this all these years.  You can have my ass or pussy anytime you want it.

We did get up and shower together and I fucked her pussy one more time and before I left she gave me a hour long blowjob only because I didn't think I had anything left to give her but she proved me wrong. Three weeks later she served her old man with divorce papers and he beat her and gave her a black eye and broken nose and then threaten her with a gun so the cops came and busted his ass and he was denied bail.  Her lawyers said that he will probably do 10 years for the gun stunt and she will get everything he owns in the divorce. He was smart enough to lock everything down before he could hide  any of it.  We have only been together 2 times since that happened and both have been out of town so know one knows anything. I just hope she will find happiness, I know that when she and I are together she says she is very happy.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Holy crap! Bravo!!!  :-*
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