It was about a month later that Charlies ex went to trail and his lawyer was one of the worst I had ever seen in a court room. He is now serving 10 yrs for assault with a deadly weapon, 3 yr domestic violence charge, and 2 years for no gun card. Only reason her got hit so hard was the pictures of Charlie face that were shown in court, and being it was a bench trail and a female judge more that likely didn't help either.  The divorce was granted 3 months later and she was right, she got the whole nine yards, and deserved it. She stayed at the house since it was paid for and we continued to see each other just about every week.

She seems to be getting back to her old self slowly but surely. When she found out I wrote about us meeting  up again and it was one of the top five she begged me to let her read it. We were sitting in the hot tub, sipping wine and she had her top off and was leaning against me rubbing my cock under the warm bubbling water.  When we first started talking about the article she got very excited and her nipples got hard as rocks. I had to laugh a little when I seen this and she asked what was so funny.

"Well it's not like those Harlkin books you read, this is full detail about the night after the show when you and I first got back together.

Charlie:" OHhhhh  so you kissed and told?  Just what all did you write?"

"Just about all of it, I might have left a few things out but I didn't use your full name or anything so it can't be traced back to you at all."

Charlie:" I want to read it, lets go up to the bedroom and I'll bring the laptop and you can log on and let me read it."

"I don't know. I don't want you getting pissed about it, I  did it because your so fantastic and it was the only way I could let it out without exploding."

She sat there thinking about what I had said then released my cock and stood up.  She got out of the hot tub and walked over to get a towel and wrapped it around her.  I thought she was mad but when she turned about I could see the devil in her eyes and I knew that it would be alright for her to read the article.

Charlie:"Come on big boy, follow me and lets get a quick shower and out of these wet cloths and into bed so I can read that story."

She walked off leaving me sitting there till she got to the sliding door when she turned around and crooked her finger at me calling me to follow her. I got out of the hot tub and grabbed a towel and followed her thru the  house to the bedroom.  She was getting some more towels out of the closet as I dropped my trunks in the bathroom and adjusted the water in the walk in shower.  I still had not quite figured out how to get all the eight nozzles working but had half them going when she walked up behind me and reached around and grabbed my cock and said," Jump in and lets get rinsed off, I'm getting hot just thinking about reading that story."

She followed me in and kept her hand on my cock and her tits were burning holes in my back as she moved me under the overhead  nozzle. I tried to turn around but she held me tight and slowly jacked me off as the water cascaded over our bodies.  I was thinking that there might be a quickie in the shower but in no time she let go of me and jumped out of the shower and started drying off.  I took my time and turned the water to cold to try and calm myself down a little.

Charlie:" Come on slowpoke, I want you out of there and dried off and in bed by the time I get back with the drinks."

I got out of the shower and dried off and headed into the bedroom. The covers on the king size bed were pulled back and there were a few candle lit and one bedside lamp lit on the table next to the bed. On the middle of the bed sat a 18 in screen laptop open and ready to go.  I got into the bed and half sitting up with the covers just over my crotch, she came back in, her boobs bouncing as she walked. with a tray with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of Yukon Jack,( my favorite) and bucket of ice and two glasses.  She set the tray down on her side table and pour us each a drink and handed me mine and got into the bed next to me. 

Charlie giggling," Ok lets get this show on the road, I getting wetter by the minute here."

I brought up the Tabu Toys site and found the story and showed her the title, as soon as she seen it she grabbed the laptop and set it on her lap and started to read the story. I lit a smoke and sipped my drink and just watch her as she read. After about a minute I could tell she was getting into it, her nipples were starting to get hard and her legs were rubbing against each other. Her breathing was getting shallow and faster the more she read. She had been holding her wine with one hand and moving the screen up with the other when all of a sudden she stopped and brought the wine to her mouth and gulped it down, she set the glass down on the table and switch hands so that she was now moving the screen with her left and her right shot under the covers and she grabbed a hold of my cock.  The more she read the more her hand moved over my cock, first just running a finger over the head then squeezing and stroking it till I was as hard  as a sailor on shore leave.
Her cheeks were flushed and her legs were really moving rubbing together. I reached over and under her covers and placed my hand over her pussy and she was soaked already.  I slid a finger threw her crack a few time and then brought it up till I found her clit and just slowly ran it over it.  A few seconds of this and she stopped breathing and moving and threw her head back and closed her eyes as a smile came over her face.

Charlie with her head still tilted back,"That was a small one but I have to hand it to you, you really captured the moment, it's like I am reliving it as I read it."

She calmed down after a few minutes and continued to read, my hand was soaked and she was really having a time with my cock in her hand, she would go from squeezing and stroking it to reaching between my legs and rubbing and squeezing my balls. She came one more time just as she finished the story but this one was bigger than the first and my hand was soaked.  She closed the laptop moving it to the side of the bed then reached down and grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth and licked her cum off my fingers.

"Well are you happy with it or should I get up and get dressed and leave?"

Charlie smiling:"Not only am I happy, I'm so worked up I want to jump on your cock and screw your brains out right now. That was one of the most erotic, graphic, lush filled stories I have ever read, and I know its all true because I was there doing it. I don't know if it will win but you got my vote."

With that she leaned over and kissed me as she threw her arms around my neck. Her tongue flew into my mouth  and was everywhere at once, one hand was on my cock and the other was busy pinching my nipples. I pulled her on top of me letting her tits and nipple rub across mine  and held her tightly to me. We just kissed and explored each others bodies for the next ten minutes, enjoying how each of us felt to each other.

I broke our kiss and started to nibble on her ear lobe, as I knew this gets her crazy and it had the desired affect. She started to moan and squirm against my body. I reached down and lifted her into a sitting position and dropped her down on my crotch. I didn't enter her but laid my cock in her pussy crack splitting her folds and letter her ride up and down the length of my cock. I took a breast in each hand and massaged them rolling my thumbs over her nipples  making them stick out a good half inch. Each time she would slid along my cock she would let out a little whimper as she rubbed her clit on the head of my cock.

I kept watching her face and she was in a far off place where she was happy and feeling no pain. She would suck in her lower lip and her body would shake a little as she moved and then she reached out and grabbed my head and pulled my face to her chest.

Charlie;"Suck on my nipplesss. Bite them make me feel it, I'm close to cumming again."

I pushed her tits together and sucked each nipple and then pulled each into my mouth biting on them, each time my teeth clamped down on one she would moan and push her hips down harder on my cock. I was in no hurry to get inside of her, I wanted her to have a good time, I would have mine later I was sure. The more I bit on her nipples the louder her moan came and now there were small screams at the end of each one.  I moved one hand down and to the crack of her ass and ran my finger up and down her crack till I found her asshole. I started to rub her brown eye in little circles  and each time I passed over the entrance it would flare out and try and suck my finger inside. I played with her like this for a while then she told me she wanted my finger up her ass and she wanted it up then now. I found the entrance and it flared out and my finger went in up to the second knuckle.  She started to pump her hips faster and faster and pushed her ass back till my finger was buried deep inside her ass.

Charlie," Yesssssss yessssssssssss fuck my ass deep, put another finger in there and fuck my ass hard, I'm going to cum any second."

Her hips were flying and my cock was soaked with both my pre-cum and her cum. I had two finger working in and out of her ass stretching it wider and wider. Then it hit her. She leaned forward crushing my head in her chest so I couldn't breath, her hips were grinding along the length of my cock and her ass was squeezing my fingers so hard that they hurt and she came. I felt her squirt her cum over my cock and balls and it ran down the crack of my ass. She screamed loud enough to be heard all the way to Chicago and I hoped the neighbors slept threw it and didn't call the cops.  Then she collapsed against me breathing heavy into my right ear.

It was fifteen minutes before she moved or spoke. She sat up and mouth the words "Thank you" and got up off the bed and walked like a drunken sailor towards the bathroom. She left the door open and I could hear her pee and flush the toilet, then I hear water running then stop and she came out carrying a towel and wet face cloth.

Charlie, " Don't that thing ever go down? Look at it still hard as when I left it. Let me get this cleaned up a little."'

She took the warm cloth and started to wipe her cum off of me gently except for the length of my cock, she even wiped between the crack of my ass where most of it had flowed and down onto the sheet. Before she started to dry me off she leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth running her tongue around it. It was my turn to moan, and when she heard that she started to lower her head taking more of me till she had her nose nuzzling the base of my bone. She flicked out her tongue and licked at my balls then came all the way up fast till it came out of her mouth with a loud pop, which brought a laugh out of her.

Charlie,"  You know if your going to keep making me cum till I squirt like that, we're either going to have to get plastic sheets or put some towels under us when you fuck me or eat me like that. Get up and let me change this bottom sheet, it will only take me a second. While  I'm doing that I want you to go over to the top drawer of that dresser and open it and bring back what ever you find might be interesting."

I got to tell you when I opened that drawer, I got the shock of my life.

More to come but right now she wants to play some more.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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In the drawer  it looked like Charlie had spent the day at Tabu Toys shopping and she bought like a kid in a candy shoppe for the first time. Here's what I found 3, dildos, in different length and colors, 4 vibrators, Rapid Rabbit, G-spot, double header, and just one that was about 8 inches long and did things I didn't think were possible. 2 clit vibs, pussy and nipple pumps, assorted (6) lubes,  3 sets nipple clips, 2 anal vibs, and one anal assortment still in the package. And enough batteries to light up the Sears Building for a week. I felt a hand on my shoulder and her tits poking me in the back and as I turned to look at her I saw a wicket smile come across her face.

Charlie, "See anything that you might want to try on me?  I know it looks bad but I have to have something to do when your not around, and these are a lot safer than going on and trying to pick up some guy I know nothing about. It's really all you fault, you woke up a sleeping giant and it has a powerful hunger that needs to be fed."

"Hunger! Dam it looks like it was starved and has a tapeworm the size of whale.  I guess if I'm going to be blamed for something, this is something I can live with. When did you get this stuff, it all looks new and doesn't seem to have been used that much.?"

Charlie," I guess after you showed me that I can love again, I only had my hand to use till I went by that sex shoppe over by the mall. I went in and was looking at some of the clothing and they had a sign on the back wall by a door that said toys. I thought it was going to be stuff that you gave as gag gifts and stuff but when I went back there I was in heaven. I wasn't sure what some of the stuff was or that but after being back there for about a half hour one of the girls that works there came back and asked if I needed help.  I explained that I was embarrassed and didn't know what some of it was for or how to use it.  She was very nice and explained everything I asked about and told me how to use them. I bought a vibrator, some lube and a clit stimulator that day."

"I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that room. So ok you got them then what."

Charlie,"I only got to use them once, that was the next day. That was the day that I got beat up. He came home early and I was naked on the bed and having the time of my life when he walked in on it.  That's what pushed him over the edge. I guess with him not being able to get it up anymore he thought I was suppose to just stop living. I was using the clit vibrator with one hand and had the other vibrator going in and out and I was moaning and carrying on just about ready to cum when he walked in. He lost it, started screaming and calling me all kinds of names and accusing me of cheating on him.  I was pissed enough already and said a few unkind things back to him, and just kept working the vibes as he stood there shaking. That's when he walked over and got the gun out of the dresser and came back and started to beat me with it. I fought back but when he knock me off the bed and I hit the table and the phone dropped next to me he thought I was out cold. He then pick up the vibrator and started to smash it against the wall, I called 911 and the cops came and you know the rest."

"Yes I do but it doesn't explain where these came from?"

Charlie,"Well, later that day I talked to a lawyer friend and he said that I should take all the money I could out of any joint bank account and change the locks and stuff.  I went to the bank the next morning when they opened and closed all the joint checking and saving accounts and he drew up a thing and had a judge sign it that I gave to the bank that froze all the business accounts so he couldn't get his hands on any of that money until the divorce stuff was final.  On the way home I was driving by the mall and I seen the sign for that sex shoppe so I turned around and went back.  I was pretty bruised up and the same girl saw me when I walked in and came right over. She took me back to the office and offered me coffee and asked what happened, I told her and she felt bad. I told her I would be alright but that he had destroyed what I had bought and I was there to get some new ones. She took me back to the room and told the other girl to keep everyone out of there for a while till we were done and I went shopping. I bought 6 things and she threw in a couple just to replace what I had lost. I spent like over $300 back then alone but I then saw the clothing and spent another $400 on stuff to wear. I go there about once a month now and she and I have gotten quite close and she always finds something special for me."

"And you have used all this stuff and didn't let me know you had it till know?"

Charlie,"Well, I didn't want you to think that you weren't doing it for me, believe me you are better than anything that is in this drawer, I just needed them to get me through when your not around.  I just thought maybe you might be interested in using something like this if you don't mind if you do just forget there here."

"First thing, your the most important person, and if you want to use these when I'm not here or even when I am and have me use something on you to please you more and harder then I'm not going to worry about it. I love watching you get off and sometimes when I am licking you or making love to you ass I can't see your face and watch you, that's what make it good for me too. I see you looking at my face when your sucking on me and I cum in your throat, your eyes light up and twinkle when I cum and you love it. I like to see that on your face too and now that you have these we can both enjoy watching each other get off."

She turned me around and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deep, her tongue flying into my mouth and halfway down my throat.  She wiggled her body against me her nipples rubbing across my chest as her crotch ground against my half hard cock. When the kiss broke she was giggly as a school girl.

"Ok, now you know what everything does and I don't so why don't you pick out what ever you want me to use on you and you can teach me how to use it and make you happy"

She turned around pressing her ass against my cock, it slide between the crack of her ass instantily. She let out a squeal as it slipped in there and reached out and started to pick out things and set them on the top of the dresser. Each time she picked out something she would wiggle her ass and sigh, I reached around and took both her tits in my hands running my fingers over her erect nipples, pinching one that the other.  There were five items on the top of the dresser when she was finished, she closed the drawer and leaned back against me, I leaned down and kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear knowing that this would get her going more that what she already was.

Charlie moaning," This should be a good start, lets take them to the bed and see what we can do with them."

There was a Rabbit Vibrator, anal vibrator, clit stimulator, and some nipple clips and a bottle of lube.  She crawled up onto the middle of the bed and place the toys next to her and then padded the other side of the bed and told me to come sit next to her. She gave me a quick kiss then took my hand and placed the clit stimulator on my middle finger and showed me how to adjust the vibration.  She took a glob of lube and rubbed it onto her clit which brought a low growl out of her mouth, as she was doing this I ran it over her nipples making her shiver, then I trailed slowly over her stomach and when I got to her clit she came for the first time.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Thanks for the story. I like it.
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Sorry for taking so long to get back to this but Charlie has been keeping me busy as a cat trying to cover ka ka in a tin room. We also spent a week in a rented motor home at a NASCAR race, even parked in the infield and made some new friend that were very interesting to say the least.

I have to say that I don't know where Charlie gets her sex drive from, maybe being married to someone who didn't appreciate her or care what she felt did it but this lady has so much pent up  sexual emotions that I don't think she will ever get them all worked out for the rest of her life.  Her latest addition is a clit stimulator that she wears inside her panties, the battery pack is made to hook on the inside of her pants and it has a remote control that either she carries of gives to me when were out and about. Needless to say it has put the both of us in some interesting spots since she has started wearing it. I love to see the look on her face as were eating at a resturant and I will hit the button to turn it on. Usually I start it out on low and she will just smile but when I want to really get a reaction out of her I will set it at about half way and turn it on and off quickly. This usually causes her to jump a little and make some really funny looking expressions, more than once she has even cried out causing those around us to look over and wonder what the hell is going on. 

We were at a movie theater the other day, she was snuggled up with her head on my shoulder and I started to play with the remote. The more I adjusted the control up and down the more she squirmed and moved around. I knew that after about 10 minutes she was about ready to climax since I had slipped my one hand into her blouse and was playing with her nipples which was hard as a rock.  I finally turned the control up to full buzz and took her nipple between my fingers and pulled on it as hard as I dared (she really love this and it will send her off in seconds).  Next thing I know she starts to moan and whimper getting louder by the second, it was like out of that scene "When Harry Met Sally" where she shows him how woman can fake orgasams.  Then she threw her head back and let out a loud moan.  Next thing I now were are getting applauds from the whole crowd.  More later about the NASCAR trip and things that took place.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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We decided that we would catch a NASCAR race and seeing as I had a knew a couple people who either sponsored cars or owned them I called a few and got the basic lowdown on get  a spot in the infield for one of the races and what the cost would be.  The unit we had was one of the biggest and it took a couple of trips before we got everything down and running right where we wanted it.  It was a 40 Provost with any and everything you could want in one, full bath, queen size bed, big kitchen, even had a pull out bar-b-q'er and outside tv.  Needless to say a lot of the people wanted to get to know us and we had many intro themselves and took them on tours of the place.  We learned quickly who the users were and who were the good people. We pulled  a Range Rover behind it for going into town to shop and other side trips and I was never shy to tip very well which got us some special things that cheaper people didn't.  Some of the people were surprise it was first time we had done this just because we had everything down from the minute we arrived.

We found that we were consided  high rollers and got welcomed in the group readily.  We got to the track a day ahead of most the teams and that first night there was only about eight of use staying in the infield that were not part of a team.  I cooked up a couple of steaks on the grill and we ate outside and waved hello to others as they walked by and waved at us. After cleaning up we decided to venture out and just get a lay of the land.  The first one we passed was dark and the owner were more than likely  out to dinner but the second on had 3 couple sitting around having drinks and just gabbing.  We waved hello and instantly got invited to join them.  They were from Ky and the owner was retired and had sold his company a few years back and he and his wife had been going to races for 3 years, Mike and Kathi were in their 50 and about average  as could be expected. With them was his brother and his wife, Ken and Barb,  they had the locked up home we had passed and with them was his business partner and his wife, Ralph and Emma. They were all in their early 40's and very nice. Emma seemed to be the wildest just by her dress and the way she acted. She was really into the drinking and was half bombed but still able to hold a conversation. All three guys  kept eyeing up Charlie and I saw everytime one of them brought her a drink or something their eyes would go directly to her chest. I wasn't worried in the least but when Emma  came and sat next to me when she went to sit down she put her hand right on my crotch to balance herself.  Charlie was the only one to catch it and she just winked at me.

The drinks were flowing along with the conversation and we all seemed to get along rather well. We stayed about two hours then Charlie said we better head off as we had to be up early and get some shopping done, and we need some play time before we went to sleep.  This got a hoot out  everyone espically Emma who piped up that maybe she should join us because she needed some play time too.  It got real quiet, then Ralph said he would wind up his toy later for Emma to play with. On that note we headed back to the motor home. As we were walking out I put my arm around Charlies shoulder and she reach up and took my hand and placed it inside her top. This brought another hoot from the guys. When we were about 100 ft away from them Charlie laid her head on my shoulder.

Charlie,"Gee guess I can't take the old stud dog out anywhere. I think Emma wanted to jump your bones right in front of everyone there."

"Well I thought I was going to have to put bibs on those three guys, your nipple should be hard from the way they kept looking down your top. If I would have went to the bathroom they those three would have had you stripped and laid out on the table having their way with you by the time I got back."

Charlie, giggling, "They did seem a little randy but the other two woman were pretty quiet. How about we give them something to think about?  I got a idea so let see how far we can go with it."

When we got back to the motor home, I went in to grab a quick shower and Charlie decided to sit outside for a bit and have another drink. This is the most I have seen her drink in a long time and I knew that she was thinking real hard about her plan. I finished my shower and threw on a robe and got a drink and headed out to the cover  area where she was sitting. She heard me and got up and walked over and slipped her hand inside the robe and gave my cock a squeeze and said she would call when she was done with her shower. About 20 minutes later I heard our neighbors returning talking loudly and laughing it up. I had all but one light off and was sitting with my back against the bus. They were not quite finished and I heard one of them go into their home and come back out with drinks.  Just then the door opened and Charlie  waved for me to come inside. I couldn't really see what she was wearing but it didn't look like much. 

I got up and walked into the home and the only light on was one in the bedroom. I could now see that Charlie had on her white sheer robe and under it something I had never seen before.  She told me to go in the bedroom and light the four candles she had placed out there and then take off the robe and get in bed but not under the covers. The room is huge seeing as both sides pull out and the windows are tinted but I know that if it's dark out and there is light in the room you can see in.  I lit the candle and turned off the lights, I also noticed that the window on their side was slid open all the way and the curtians on both window were wide open.  This could only mean that Charlie had opened them while I had been in the shower. It was nice out about 65 and the breeze was coming from the other side and going right out to their side.  I think I knew right then what she had planned.  I could hear them talking next doors even tho there was a open spot between us  but by the time I lite the candles and turned off the light it had gotten awfully quiet.  I stood next to the bed with my back to the window and took of my robe. I heard a gasp from outside the window and knew that they were now sitting in the shadows  and watching.  I crawled up on the bed till I was in the middle and I looked to the doorway and saw Charlie standing there with her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh out loud. I could now see that she had on a red open nipple bra and matching panties that were outlined with with fur. Looked sexy as hell and with her huge nipples and dark  areolas sticking out it made for one sexy picture.

See finally settled down enough and came in and stood  next to the bed oppsite the  window and put her hands on her hips making her chest sit up even more. I knew that they were getting a good view because I heard those gasp again and some small talk being make.

Charlie, rather loudly,"So is Big Daddy ready for some play time? I know I am and I can't wait to have that big ole cock of yours in my mouth and pussy."

As she said this she was slowly letting the robe fall off her shoulders. My cock was already half hard from just seeing her in this new outfit and we hadn't had sex in over 24 hours so I was ready for anything. I decided to play along with her and see just how far she would take this.

"Oh I'm about half ready but first I want to eat that beautiful pussy of yours and make you cum in my mouth so why don't you crawl right up here and sit on my face and let me lick you till you cum all over my face."

Charlie then crawled up on the bed and I scooted down and she did just what I asked her to do.  That's when we hear the first female voice.

"Oh my God she's doing it. She's sitting on his face and he's licking her. I wish I could see better but  I can't."

Male voice."Only way were going to see any better is if we get on top the motor home so were looking down into theirs, I going up there anyone want to join me."

I was slowly licking Charlie and I could tell she was listening as well as I was, she was enjoying what I was doing but she was also interested in what was going on outside.  We heard a few muddled voices  and I caught a glimps of some figures walking along the top of the motor home next to us and knew that all four of them had climbed up and were now sitting on it. There were some light on in the backround and I could make out all of them sitting there then one of them even lit a cigrette  which made someone yell at him.

Charlie now knew she had her audience and she was going to give them one heck of a show. she started to grind her pussy into my mouth and I reached up and pulled on her nipples and massaged her breast. She was getting wetter and tastier by the second .  I reached behind her and unhooked her top and slowly pulled it forward letting her breast come into view.  This brought another gasp from the neighbors  some other remarks that I couldn't quite make out. Charlie tend to get vocal when we are having sex but she was pretty quiet up to this point but I knew it wouldn't last long and I wasn't wrong.

Charlie, "Yea baby eat that pussy make me cum. That's it ohhhhhhhhhh yea right there. Suck on that clit. Yessssssss ohhhhhhhh God I'm so close."

I was pinching and pulling on her nipples trying to get her off when were heard a female voice say,"Look at the size of her nipples and he's pulling on them just like I like to have it done to me. God I'm getting wet."
Male voice, "Come over here and sit between my leg and I'll see what I can do about getting you off Barb."

Sounded to me like the neighbors were getting turned on.  Charlie heard it too and I think it is what pushed her over the edge also, because she screamed out  and came all over my face.  As soon as she was done she slid back and bent down and took my cock in her mouth.

"Yea that's it baby get it all nice and wet so I can ram it in that tight little pussy of yours. That's the way honey take it all the way down."

And take it down her throat she did.  She worked on my cock for a good 5 minutes deep throating me the whole time. She had me harder than a steel rod and I didn't know but she had another trick up her bag.  She got up and wiggled out of her panties and ran her hand over her pussy so they could see she was clean shaven, then she told me to get up also.  She had me stand next to the window and she dropped to her knees and once again started to deep throat me just in case they didn't get a good view the last time. I looked over and saw one of them stand and it must have been one of the guys because he pulled his pants down and stepped out of them then the other did the same then sat back down. I was surprised how well I could see them, and it looked like both guys were getting blow job just like me. I whispered to Charlie to take a look and turned a little so she could and she giggles with my cock in her throat.

I guess Charlie thought it was time for the final scene, she got up and got on the end of the bed on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder.

Charlie, in her best Mae West Voice," Come on Big Daddy, come and get it. I want that big cock in my pussy now and I want it hard and fast. Fuck me like you did that first time you fucked me when you took my virginity. Make me come and fill me with your spunk"

She reached back and spread her pussy lips open as I walked forward and ran my cock head over her clit and when it got to the entrance I shoved forward and buried my cock to the hilt. She let out a scream then started to pump her ass back and forth slapping against my crotch with a loud resound each time.  I grabbed her hips and held on for dear life. I forgot about the neighbor and just let Charlie have it good and hard. She was grunting and moaning with each stroke and in no time was close to cummng. I wasn't far behind her and told her so. When she came she squirted out her pussy around my cock, I was close and when I felt I start I told her. She pulled off my cock and swung around and took my cock in her mouth, jacking with one hand and trying to swallow each blast that came from me.  When I was done she leaned back and I did also and sat on the edge of the dressing table. Cum was dripping from her chin unto her breast and she reached up with  her finger and gathered it and sucked it off it into her mouth.

Charlie, smiling at me. "That was wonderful, you never fail to satisifiy me completely, I came so hard on your cock and it tasted so good, I think we better get some sleep  we have a lot to do tomorrow. Now please blow out the candles honey and come to bed."

I walked around the room and blew out the candles. But we didn't go to bed we sat looking out the window as the neighbors finished getting of and listened as they talked about what they hard just saw.  Charlie was very proud of her performance and so was I. I know the neighbors were but I didn't know where this might lead.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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