Hi, I have just joined. let me tell you about myself.
I am a young bloke(18), white, about 6 foot tall, and average body wise(not fat, not thin, not weedy, not muscley). I am bi curious, i have a 6 3/4-7 inch penis.
I love masterbation and watching porn.
non sexual wise I love music, I play bass, and lke the band Korn. I keep various reptiles(snakes, lizards etc) aswel as a few dogs. I live on a farm... umm could go on but don want to bore you before I mak another post!
pm me for more info or for a chat.
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TabuToys Moderator
Hi Deathmule,

We're glad to have you! If you're looking for new connections we feature a free personals board where you can post more about yourself HERE.
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