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Hey....iam thinking to create a toy which you can pleasure another person via the internet....It is going to be a belt for womans which you put around your waiste´´almost like a strapon..... attached to it a vibrator with 2 functions and 5-7 dfferent speeds.....  vibration and rotation for the clit and vagina... Another person can activate this device via the internet and pleasure the woamen useing a online remote........ the person can see his action via the camera of course and i built in this belt led lights which show you the strenght and action you are controlling.....

already invested so much time into this you think it can work??????
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Tabu Toypro
But your other post said you already bought this toy. Hmmm, interesting.

Regardless, why don't you submit your idea to these folks who are having a Homemade Sex Toy Design Contest.
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Good Morning Kids! Our new spam lesson for the day is "Team spamming" or "Tandem Spamming."

This is a common technique involving a 1st poster who asks an innocent question, and 2nd poster who just fortunately happens to have the perfect (spam) link to their product, only minutes later. Generally, the 2nd poster is only an alias created by the 1st poster with a different e-mail address though it can also be a multi-person team.

This method can be extremely hard to detect, or as in this case, incredibly obvious. Though GermanQueen's questions regarding this miraculous new toy may have seemed reasonable enough, she broke the first rule of spamming 101 by creating contradictory queries under the same identity. That means, after spending a considerable amount of time and effort creating a counterfeit identity, poll and multiple conversation threads, she made the mistake of posting an actual advertisement for the product (which has since been deleted) in our link exchange category. And if that's not brash enough, this very same poster attempted to report another forum member for promoting spam.

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