Hey Everyone!

Thanks for looking at this post. My wife and I have developed a lubricant that
is water based, has no glycerin, uses all natural products and it safe to ingest
plus we've added a twist, (we have two types) one looks like cum from a guy and the other looks like
cum from a woman.

So, they behave like regular lube in every way but look like cum from a woman or man.

Our question is (before we sink more money into it) is whether or not you would buy it?
If so, why (and which one: male or female) or, if not why also?

So, far the response has been mixed and thus we're still sitting on the fence of whether
of not to proceed or shelf it.

Thanks Everyone!
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First of all, without seeing some kind of packaging, it would be hard to know if we would buy it...either kind. I am easily swayed by clever packaging. Second, using the advice from the many people that contribute here has a lot to do with what sex and sex aid products we buy.

Interesting concept tho...
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I would not buy it. I don't see the point but also - cum isn't very clear, it's usually murky. Murkyness in lube is usually an indicator that it's gone bad and while this may not be the case with your product, I wouldn't feel as reassured with a product that starts our very clear.
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Tabu Toypro
Agreed. It actually sounds repulsive! I think it'd be dangerous to have a lubricant that looks like cum.

That being said...I have had many customers who have purchased the Peter North Squirting Dildo ask for something to fill it up with that resembles semen.
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