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Many women attend bachelorette parties but don’t know what kind of gift to give the bride-to-be. Bridal showers are for gifting the bride with household items, such as dishes and silver serving pieces, but bachelorette parties are for gifting the girl of the night with fun -AKA- "HOT SEX." This is not the time to play it safe! You can guarantee you'll find edible underwear and condoms at every bachelorette party, so forego the usual cliches and be creative with it! Choose sexy items designed to make her honeymoon sizzle. Activity-based gifts are a great way to get that private party started.

Body paints, for instance, can be just plain fun. A kit like the Liquid Latex Body Paint kit, can help the newlyweds discover each other’s artistic sides. Liquid latex body paint allows lovers to explore their bodies in a playful new way.

Similar to liquid latex painting is edible body painting. Kama Sutra Chocolate Paintbox comes in a kit complete with edible chocolate paint and brush. A great bachelorette gift, edible paints and liquid latex paints are gifts the bride-to-be is sure to enjoy with her beloved.

Another stimulating addition to the happy couple's bedroom is furniture designed just for sex. The Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master is a handy, velvet-lined cushion that will help them hit that perfect angle every night. Plus, it deflates so it's easy to store and conceal from prying eyes and nosey mother-in-laws.

And what to give the kinky couple that already has it all? There's no better choice than the The Sexercise Ball! This bouncing wonder is sure to please even the most experienced toy pro's and will have them "moaning and toning" at the same time!

Take a little extra time with your gift selection and they'll be sure to appreciate the gesture for years to come.
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