Susan Strict
This extract is taken from a short novel I wrote a few years ago, published as "Her Prisoner - A Twist of Sadism".

I hope you enjoy it:

It felt as though it was for hours he lay there, tied spread-eagled on her bed, uncomfortable and exposed.  He could hear her moving around in the other rooms, clearing away the coffee cups, washing them, then going into the bathroom and running the shower.  His erection had subsided not long after she left the room, but now as he imagined her in the bathroom, washing her naked body under the cascading water in the shower, it returned and with it came an ache of desire that desperately needed release.

He struggled, pulling at the cords that held him but they were far too strong for him to break, and his fingers had neither the strength nor the flexibility to undo the tight knots.  If his ankles had not been tied too he might have been able to wriggle far enough up the bed to reach the cords with his teeth, but the cords fixed around the lower end of the bed restricted his movement too much for that.  He was completely helpless until she decided to return and to release him.

He was not overly concerned.  Although this was not quite what he had anticipated, it was no more than a game.  She said she wanted to try “the dominatrix thing” as she put it, and he had no doubt that shortly she would come back and make love to him before she released him.  It was quite possible that she had changed her mind and that she would simply release him, and while that would be a disappointment, it would be no more than he expected.

She returned eventually, flinging the door open and bursting into the room, startling him.

“I see you’re still here,” she said.

“Where did you expect me to be?  You tied me up!”

He saw her smile, but there was something vaguely disconcerting about it. 

“Can’t you really escape from that?” she asked seriously.

“No I can’t!”

She nodded.  “Eileen said you wouldn’t be able to if I tied you like that,” she said.

He was just wondering why she mentioned Eileen and why she would have been talking about this to Eileen, when she jumped onto the bed again and gripped his hardness.  She squeezed between her finger and thumb, and then pumped it up and down rapidly a few times.

He gasped, and immediately she released him and slapped it gently.

“I’d make a good dominatrix, wouldn’t I?” she grinned.

“I’m sure you would,” he answered diplomatically.

“I really need a whip,” she mused.  “I think Eileen has one.  She has all sorts of things.”

There it was again, “Eileen”.  He had no time to think about it.  She straddled his chest and plonked herself down on him, bouncing up and down a few times making him gasp.

“Don’t!  You’ll crack my ribs!”

“Are you saying I’m fat?”

“No, of course not...”

For a moment she looked really angry, and then the anger disappeared as quickly as it had come.

“You can kiss me again,” she said, and presented the front of her silvery panties to his mouth.

He kissed, just a light touch of his lips on the front of the shiny material.

“Properly,” she told him, pressing down hard onto his face.  His mouth and nose were completely covered, and she still pressed harder.  He felt softness of her flesh and then the hardness of her bones underneath.  She wriggled a little, positioning herself where she felt the most comfortable.  The material of her panties stretched over his nose and his nostrils were squeezed shut by the pressure of her flesh on either side.  She continued to press down. and his nose, covered by her panties, pushed inside her.  She squealed, and squeezed her legs together hard.

He was completely unable to breathe, and he felt crushed between her squeezing thighs with virtually her whole weight pressing down on him.  He struggled, but his head was held so tightly under her that he could not move it at all.  She stayed in that position, breathing heavily with her eyes closed and her mouth open, although with her short skirt covering his head he could see very little.

There was panic in his eyes, but she did not see it.  She was concentrating on the physical sensations going through her.  He tried to shout.  No sound reached her, although she could certainly feel the movements of his mouth underneath her.  Her muscles twitched ad clamped tighter in response.

It could not have really been for very long that she sat there.  For him it seemed like forever.  With no air supply at all he was on the point of losing consciousness when she finally lifted herself from him with a moan and a gasp, and sat back onto his chest.

“Hey!” she said, slapping his cheek lightly.  “Wake up.  You’re not going to sleep down there, are you?”

He was unable to reply, gulping at the fresh air and trying to steady his breathing.

“Ugh,” she said suddenly.  “I’m all wet.  I need to take these off.”

She pushed her damp, silvery panties down, eased them over her solid backside, lifted her legs and brought them together above his head as she peeled the panties down and right off over her ankles.

“That’s better,” she said, pressing her nakedness onto his chest and bending her legs back into a kneeling position once more.  “And now, do you want to kiss me again?”

He shook his head, staring at her nakedness under the short skirt, part of him desperate to do exactly as she asked, but the sane, sensible part of him terrified that she would suffocate him completely.

“Why not?” she demanded to know.

“Because... because I can’t breathe,” he gasped.

She thought for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders.  “Well if you won’t do it, I’ll have to please myself another way.”

She reached over to the cabinet beside the bed and rummaged in one of the drawers.  She drew out a large vibrator.

“Did you know I had one of these?” she asked.

He said nothing, until realising she was waiting for an answer he replied, “I think most women have one, don’t they?”

“I have no idea,” she told him, “But this one is my favourite.  Look.”

She waved it in front of his face.  “It has three different functions,” she said proudly.  “It was really expensive.  They said it was the most powerful one they made.  Here, see?  This slider makes it vibrate.  It’s ever so funny if you turn it right up and put it on the floor.  It jiggles around all on its own as if it was trying to get away.  This slider does the balls in the middle, take a look.  See this softer bit here?  There are lots of balls in there and they whiz round and round.  That’s a wonderful feeling when it does that.  And this third one, that’s for the end.  When I slide it up, the whole of the end tilts over at an angle and then begins to rotate.  It’s amazing.  I’ve never turned that one all the way up to full power!  What do you think?”

“I’m sure it’s very nice,” he muttered.

“Do you want to see it working?”  She turned it towards her, the end of it pointing directly between her legs.

“Uh... yes.  Oh yes!”

“Well you’re not going to,” she told him with a shake of her head, “Because I’m going to blindfold you before I use it.  That sort of thing is private.”

She put down the vibrator on his chest, climbed off him and blindfolded him with a scarf.  He could not see anything at all, but he felt her jump back onto the bed and he heard the buzzing of the vibrator.

For the next ten minutes the only sounds to reach his ears were the buzzing of the vibrator and her moans and gasps.  He was bounced up and down on the bed, struck by her arms and legs and, finally, by her whole body falling across him as she screamed with pleasure.  She lay motionless on top of him for several minutes before she removed his blindfold and he looked up into her red, perspiring face.

“See?” she panted, holding up the wet vibrator.  “I told you it was amazing.”

“I didn’t see anything,” he pointed out.  “You blindfolded me.”

“True,” she agreed.  “No problem.  I’ll show you.”

She plunged the wet end of the vibrator between his lips, pushing hard to overcome his reluctance to open his mouth to it.  It filled his mouth, stretching his jaws wide open.

“If you bite and leave teeth marks on it,” she warned him, “I’ll bite and leave teeth marks on yours.”

She turned up the vibrating control.  The buzzing seemed to go through his whole head.  She held the control end firmly, keeping his head in position and pushing down with enough pressure to prevent him spitting it out.  After watching him for a few seconds, she plunged the vibrator up and down a few times in his mouth.

“A good face-fuck,” she said, delighted by his horrified and agonised expression.  “Just what you need.”

She turned up the second control.  The rotating balls inside the vibrator felt as though they were pulling his mouth from side to side rapidly.  She increased the speed and the vibration.  He tried to tell her that it was really hurting him, but all she did was to plunge the device up and down harder and faster in his mouth.

“And finally...” she said as she pressed the third control and slid it forward.

The end of the vibrator tilted sideways and started to rotate inside his mouth.  It was as though the whole thing had suddenly come alive and was looking for a way out, pressing into his cheeks, against the roof of his mouth and forcing his tongue down.  She pushed, ramming the end of it deeply into the very back of his mouth and almost down his throat, coming close to choking him.  She held it there.

When she eventually removed the vibrator from his mouth and turned off the vibrating and rotating controls, she examined it closely.

“I warned you,” she said, obviously annoyed.  “You’ve made teeth marks on it.”

“Sorry,” he croaked, hardly able to form his words properly.  The powerful vibrator had left his mouth hurting and feeling as though it had been stretched out of shape.  “I couldn’t help it.  I didn’t mean to.”

“You didn’t mean to?  You should have tried harder.  Well, I warned you what would happen.  You only have yourself to blame.”

She bared her teeth at him, and opened her mouth wide as she bent down towards his hardness.

“No!” he gasped as he felt her sharp teeth touch him.  “Don’t!”

To his surprise and relief, she hesitated.  She turned her head towards him without, for the moment, raising it.

“Why not?  You’ve bitten my cock and permanently damaged it, so I’m going to do the same to yours.”

She gripped it in one hand, steadying it as she started to close her mouth over the end of it.  Once again she hesitated, and this time she raised her head a little.

“Actually,” she said thoughtfully, “As it’s so hard right now, it seems a pity to waste it.  I think the biting can wait for a while, but don’t you think for one moment I’m going to let you get away with this.”

He did not understand what she meant, until she turned round and pulled up her short skirt, slowly lowering herself directly towards his hardness. 

“Don’t you dare do it too quickly,” she told him.  “If you’re not half as good as my vibrator you’ll be in serious trouble.”

She reached down, grasped him in one hand and guided him into her, sliding all the way down his throbbing hardness until she sat right down on him.  She closed her eyes.

The doorbell rang.

“Oh fuck.”

The expletive seemed to echo around the room.

“That must be Eileen.”  Jenny eased herself from him, straightened her skirt and headed towards the front door, leaving him naked and spread-eagled helplessly on her bed, with his hardness standing erect and throbbing, and unbelievably frustrated.

Cover Art by Rodzo

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