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If you've got herpes and are not having a visible outbreak, you can still pass it on to your partner during sex. Even wearing a condom may not help. Apparently about 50% of us have herpes1 and up to 75% can have herpes2!

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Hank Alvarez
Herpes has always scarred the hell out of me and I think you need to talk to a good doctor. As mine explained it to me when we had a scare, "It's a virus that can easily be transmitted, not only through intercourse but even oral sex." He said, "Above the waist it's simplex and below the waist it's genital herpes." I hope that advice is still good.

We had a scare about twenty years ago that thank God turned out to be nothing more than my allergic reaction to the antibiotic Keflex. I've always been afraid of it because my wife had frequent outbreaks of Herpes simplex 1, (lip sores around the nose and mouth) and my doctor said I could get it on my privates, (genital herpes), from her going down on me during an outbreak. I've kept a healthy distance from her throughout the years when there were outbreaks because I don't want it. Until the lab results came in I worried and we used a lot of latex. It's a scary subject and I hope you get some help. Hank
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