Hi yall! My name is luka and im very new to these parts ;x I love to chat alot and meet new people cuz im usually lonely and have nothin' better todo ); i do have to admitt, i am very socially awkward sumtimes cuz i may come straight forward with my feelings cuz im very affectionate with anyone i met if u understand what im saying xD i do like to have a great time with anyone i meet [smile] i also love to erp sometimes, plz dont be weirded out if i like u straight away.. im a very caring person ); Sometimez i like to cam up and do naugtythings to myself.. ;xx ik ik but im sorry, im just very lewd XD so plz, dont feel scared to add me on discord epic#7116 (i almost regurly go on there x3) XD

I usually discord so if u wanna talk on there pls do so [wink]

thx yall x3 i attached a pic of myself in anyone carez x3333

discord epic#7116


My name is Luka c; I'm 30 and I live with my mom. I have 2 catz and I love to collect army hats and watch Naruto ;3 I've been curious about my private parts when I waz young, I finally made my decision when I turned 13 x3 My mom understands me and she bought me estrogen through my transitioning period [wink] I love to meet people and chat on discord [smile] I'm very lewd sometimez cuz I like to talk about random things alot XD

plz add me on discord 

I would love to talk to you and know you more x3
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Welcome, Luka!
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