i everyone , little problem marred to Russian 65 y/o woman for the last 18 years and now no more interment love making , likes to give H J and that`s that she is not at all romantic but, it is a long story how I came here so, I do not wish to drag up the past therefore, she is at all interested in my romantic feelings etc.

She does have an ORGASM when I ejaculate as my equipment is fairly long namely it`s 12 inches long but , I don`t use AS A RULE ! HA HA ! anyway, on the other hand she has a very beautiful Daughter 40 y/o 6ft.00 tall slim figure been married to an American they divorced a very long time ago and now back home in Russia .

She is my Stepdaughter and boy she is HOT I help her financially per month from one of my Pensions and she so grateful for this and gives me a kiss and hugs boy I can tell you but, I will not so, use ones imagination and so on and so forth and there you have it only married under Russian law and NOT BRITISH LAW VISA LONG OVERDUE shhhhh !

Thank you and it is just a case NO SEX PLEASE I AM BRITISH !!

[confused] [nono][wave]

 theenglishgent55 < well not really I am a young virile 72 y/o young looking keep myself fit taking E VITAMINS NON SMOKING etc. etc, oh yes, I do color my hair etc. etc. 


[angel] enjoy life to the full !

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So you're into your wife's daughter. What's the question?
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So just bang the daughter & get it over with! Your supporting pussy your not getting so why not?
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