Hi I'm a "toy collector" and I love anal (toys or fingers only). I have almost 40 different toys in my collection from bullets to steel plugs to hog ties and Harnesses...

My personal faves are: Njoy's perfect eleven, 2.0 and pure wand // Rocks off's Rude boy // Lelo's GiGi // and Fun Factory's Share.

I have a GF who loves to use strap-ons, enjoys light bondage and squirts like theres no tomorrow.

Beyond sex I love Lost the tv show, Mixology (mixing alchoholic beverages) and collecting board games
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TabuToys Moderator
Welcome, Fighter.

You've got good taste in toys!
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Tabu Toypro
Hey HumanFighter - Have you any adult board games? We'd love to hear your take on your favorite or not so favorite adult board games.

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Actually I don't its weird cause I know theres some pretty good ones out there but the closest I own to an erotic board game is a pair of sex dice I got for free when I bought my perfect eleven along with a chunk of other free stuff they gave me

Yeahhh as far as my taste in toys goes its pretty much buy what looks the most awesome and what gets really good tangible reviews... helps that my fave Friendly Local Toy Store has demos of everything they sell and they let you really get a feel for what your buying that and they're so friendly and helpful and full of great suggestions. Cant wait to take my GF there but she's never been to the city it's in.

BTW the store is TUESDAYS THE ROMANCE STORE they're a small boutique in Westbrough area of Ottawa Canada the owner George is awesome and I'm sure I've talked his ear of The rest of the staff rock and really make you feel like a valued customer!
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