What is standard cost to hire a male stripper for the night? (Cheaper than a female stripper I hope?) My sister likes white and hispanic men so we're hoping to get her both for the evening. And, are we (the hosts) expected to tip them again before they leave, like a service-type thing?
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DO ask each company you're considering for a website address where you can view pictures of the performers in advance of hiring one.
DO NOT hire a male stripper that charges by the hour.
DO expect to pay a flat fee of $200 or more for good talent.
Do expect to pay a deposit of up to 50 percent of the cost of the performance up-front.
And speaking as a former stripper who put up with wayyyy to much shit  KEEP YOUR GUESTS UNDER CONTROL. it is Just because you are female it is NOT ok to maul or pinch the talent or tear at his costume.
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Sweet! Thanks.
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