He likes to fullfill his Fantasy and his Fantasy came to realit.y.
I came over and i had to undress and now i am Looking Forward what is his Fantasy and let him do what he likes to do with me...
He gave me a small Tower and i had to get on my back on his dinner table . He places couple of towels on the table and oil and some adult toys. Than he started with a nice massage with a lot of Lotion. First my feet and my legs than he moved up to my arms, my stomach, my chest and breasts.
I was getting horny and my nippels are getting hard. I like that i was on his table and he explored my body . Than he told me to roll over to my stomach. Now he kissed my neck, my shoulders and he went down to my legs and my ass. Now he was massaging one bum cheek when one of his fingers lightly brushed along my anus. Each time he did I would get goose bumps from it, He spread my legs further apart before applying more oil to his Hands and i felt a couple of Drops on my anus. Now he slowly began rubbing his fingers up and down my anus.
He inserted now his top of his finger up to my oiled ass. i moaned softly. and i could feel that my pussy is getting wet. Once fully inserted he began slowly to finger fuck my butthole. At the same time he put a dildo in my pussy. He told me now to get on my knees and i did that.
He put another finger in my ass and i had more oil on me. He fucked me now with a dildo in my pussy and with two fingers in my ass. I was almost Ready to cum He now stopped to finger fucked my ass and i could see that he reached for another toy. it was a vibrator in a shape as a cock. He put that think in my ass and he fucked me with it. In and out and in and out and i had to cum. I was so Ready for my orgasm and it was amazing. After i came i was lying on the table Now i could hear a Zipper and he got undressed.
He was now massaging his dick. He moved my Body to his dick and he put his dick on my clit. He massaged my clit with his dick and i was geting horny again. He put again another toy in my ass and fucked my ass again and my pussy was wet again and Ready to fuck...He put his dick in my pussy and he fucked me hard and harder and he came so hard and i had to cum with him now. i loved every Minute what he did to me.
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