This pod explores the use of crystal meth in the sex lives of gay men and how it's fueling the spread of HIV.  Not only is this pathetic, it gives straight america one more reason to view us as disease-spreading deviants. Sad, sad.

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It seems that Gays & Drugs go hand in hand? and just about everyone I can think of takes them.
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where do gay men love to hang out? Clubs! Where do drugs come from? Clubs! I admit I'll do a line or 3 if someone is offering but I wont touch that meth.
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This article states that drug abuse stems directly from our penchant for self-loathing coupled with clubbing as an art form (and I have to agree.)

"Alcoholism is a fatal chronic illness affecting the lives of 20 to 30% of the homosexual population (Ziebold & Mongeon, 1982). Studies have found that 35% of lesbians had a history of excessive drinking, compared to only 5% of the heterosexual women in the sample (Saghir, 1970; Lewis, 1982). Approximately 30% of lesbians and gay men are addicted to drugs (Rofes, 1983). The facts show that the homosexual community constitutes a high-risk population with regard to alcoholism and drug abuse.

Why is addiction such a problem?

It is important not to assume that homosexuality causes drug or alcohol abuse. When gays, lesbians and bisexuals internalize society's homophobic attitudes and beliefs, the results can be devastating. Society's hatred becomes self-hatred. As a minority group; gays, lesbians and bisexuals are victims of systemic and ongoing oppression. It can lead to feelings of alienation, despair, low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviour, and substance abuse (Nicoloff & Stiglitz, 1987).

Some gays, lesbians and bisexuals resort to substances as a means to numb the feelings of being different, to relieve emotional pain or to reduce inhibitions about their sexual feelings. Substance abuse often begins in early adolescence when youth first begin to struggle with their sexual orientation. When surrounded by messages telling you are wrong and sick for who you are, eventually you begin to believe it. Having to hide your identity and deal with homophobic comments and attitudes-- often made by unknowing friends and family -- can have a profound effect on you. Lesbians and gay men are also 7 times more likely to be the victims of crimes than the average citizen (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 1984). In response to this overwhelming oppression and homophobia, many lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals use alcohol and drugs to cope.

Homophobia in our society has limited the opportunities for gays and lesbians to meet each other safely. The gay bar culture emerged as a place to find other gays and lesbians without fear of harassment. The gay bar is a seductive institution. It is the most available place where people can explore being gay and socialize. There is also a lack of alternative alcohol-free places and occasions to socialize within the gay community. This only intensifies the implied connection between drinking and socializing in gay and lesbian social circles."
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Being Straightish ost of the time. I love getting Spun out for a couple days,because it sexually opens my mind with my physical attraction to and erotic pleasuring with a ParTy ParTners buli
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