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If you think the HIV problem in America isn't so bad, think again. There are some staggering new numbers published in The New England Journal of Medicine. It goes on to detail areas in the US that have the heaviest rates of infection. And then further breaks things down into race and socio-economic lines, but I'll just stick to the hard numbers. Here's a chart for visuals:


Here's the part that got me: More than 1 in 30 adults in Washington, D.C. are HIV-infected—a prevalence higher than that reported in Ethiopia, Nigeria, or Rwanda.

Some of this is due to drug usage, but most is from sex with an infected person. What's got to change? Condoms, awareness, explicit discussions with friends, family (yes children!) and strangers has to happen.

We talk around here about the joys of sex on a daily basis. But HIV is no joy. The risk of pregnancy aside, young women need to learn how to say no to sex unless a condom is worn. Men having unprotected anal sex have got to start requiring condoms. I know the porn industry is on the fence about it, but if Hollywood would start showing condoms in their films, I bet that would be a huge influence. It doesn't cost much to add a couple of extra seconds to a cut-away of the condom wrapper being ripped open.

AIDS is scary and serious. And I'm saddened by reading the statistics. This is something we can prevent! Speak to someone you love about protection today.

source: Newsweek
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