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New Zealand:
Totalling an average of 20.4 sexual partners in a lifetime, New Zealand has the most promiscuous women in the world, a survey reveals.

With an average of 29.3 sexual partners, Austria's men are the most promiscuous in the world, a survey reveals.

Spain is home to the world's best lovers as revealed by survey taken by women from 20 different countries.

At an average of 10 minutes, sex in Thailand is believed to last the shortest amount of time in the world.

A Durex survey revealed that Greece is the horniest country in the world.

According to The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behaviour, sex lasts the longest in Brazil, at an average of 30 minutes.

Seven times a year on a holiday called 'Pon', Indonesians make a pilgrimage to a sacred mountain on Java to get down and dirty with a person other than their spouse - if they sleep with that same person seven times, they believe their wishes and blessings will come true.

When India's first phone-sex line went live, it became so popular that it was driving its users into debt - so the Indian government shut it down.

A Marie Claire survey found that 41 per cent of French people have participated in an orgy and 27 per cent have engaged in partner swapping. It is also believed that the French give and receive the most fellatio

With a total of 500 people taking part, Japan has successfully set the world record for world's largest orgy.

Harajuku, Japan:
The Harajuku area of Tokyo is famous across the world for its fetish fashions - the most recent fetish-fashion craze to sweep the area is 'injured idol', where scantily clad women dress up in bandages.

San Fernando Valley, California, USA:
Nearly 90 per cent of all legally distributed pornographic films made in the United States are either filmed in or produced by studios based in the San Fernando Valley - aka "Porn Valley", "San Pornando Valley" or "Silicone Valley".

San Francisco, California, USA:
This city is host to the World's largest showcase for S&M products and culture - the Folsom Street Fair.

Tel Aviv, Israel:
This city is known as the 'brothel capital of the world', with an estimated 250 knocking shops.

Upminster, England:
The residents of this suburban town are the kinkiest in England - they spend 7.9 times the national average on sex toys and DVDs to boost their sex lives.

source: TheSunUK
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