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I was about 21, when I went to neighborhood bar in The Bronx to get a few drinks and play pool! I was chillin when I noticed this thick, sexy older drunk lady in her late 30's sitting at the bar next to this other annoying lady I just so happen to know. As I walked outside 2 smoke, the drunk lady followed me and asked 4 a cigarette, where we were flirting a bit! I went back in, played pool and then went over to them and asked the other lady I know, about her! She was hating on me and said she doesn't wanna be bothered as if she was envious of her friend, and trying to speak for the the other lady! So I offered her a drink in return for her letting me speak 2 her friend! The drunk lady told me to follow her towards the bathroom and I did! We got in front and she started grabbing my pants, when I said we have to go in the bathroom cause people can see us! We were both so horny she sat on the toilet pulled down my pants, boxers and started sucking on my hard throbbing cock as I grabbed her swollen juicy tits and played wit her moist cunt! She was slobbering and licking it so good, I wanted to fuck her because my dick was hard as a brick! The bathroom was kind of small and so I sat on the toilet as she squatted on my fat cock and rode me like a horny girl on a moving stallion. While she straddled me, I was squeezing her hard nipples rubbing her wet, dripping clitoris making her moan and and call me papi. I lifted her off of me, pushed her tits toward the sink, spread her horny thighs and started pounding her pussy from the back doggystyle! I was pounding her hot hole while she slurped and sucked on my fingers and I licked n sucked on her neck! My cock was swollen, and throbbing and I wanted to cum, so she turned around, squatted above the floor and I started fucking her juicy lip, thrusting my fat, juicy cock into her warm dripping mouth. She was sucking my cock like a pro when I  grabbed her head and thrusted my hard dick down her throat and gave her some great cum to swallow! We were both very satisfied, got dressed and walk out into the bar where I believe a bunch of people noticed what we were doing! Lol
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Tabu Toypro
Well that sounds hot in theory, but also plenty unsafe. I think my answer would have to be no - unless it was with my partner. Or unless I was way younger, single and there was a condom involved. Sorry to wreck the fantasy!
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Gotta agree with Tabu ToyPro. A great night of sex is awesome, but a life with STDs is not worth it.
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