Both silicone and TPE real sex doll have built-in metal skeletons, which are usually indestructible, easily broken is the surface of the colloidal skin, such as limb movement range is too large, beyond the limit of elasticity, easy to tear. In particular, the vulva of the lower body of the solid doll is made of silica gel. The elasticity of TPE is stronger than that of silica gel, but it is also afraid of sharp tools and hard objects.

There is usually the accessory bag that comes with the love doll contains glue for repair.

If repair agent to repair the wounds, silicone material will be more convenient. The wound will be treated clean, no dust, no water, with glue daub the wound, knead the wound, wait for a few hours, the surface will be a little scar is normal, later also should pay attention to this place as far as possible not to stretch too big.


The glue is corrodes silica gel, so it can only be stuck with toothpicks.
If open the wound will put the glue into the words, the wound will burn holes, if the wound is small, and the appropriate amount of glue into the words, the repair will only leave a thin scar. If you drop too much glue, you'll get a scar where it goes. It is good to use a thick piece of paper, cut a bigger hole in the middle than the wound, and then cover the paper on the wound, and then repair, so that the glue does not drip into the silicone outside the wound.

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