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There are insertable attachments for the Magic Wand.
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P Gell
studley wrote:

There are insertable attachments for the Magic Wand.

I know....I've seen them....(drools slightly.......)
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      Hmmmm.....I have put this idea forward to her afew times ....but i get the same answer everytime....i just want you .....awww i know i should be flattered and leave it that but i do wonder
                    Thanks for all the suggestions people i,m flattered you took the time to try and help......but i think this a hopeless case...... if things do change i,ll let you know !!! don,t hold your breath waiting !!! again   
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I love sex toys, often buy them a woman, especially a dildo. Dildo is a great toy that improves the sexual experience. So far I've probably bought 20 different And what is the best, and my wife is happy: D
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one week before i buy cock rings for me, this feels great.
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P Gell wrote:

when I go on a buying spree he always says, "I've created a monster."

Lol I'm sure my fiance thinks the same thing sometimes. Especially when I end up watching more porn than him.
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Hank Alvarez
I think toys can be a wonderful addition to what ever you're doing in bed and they can give you some badly needed variety but by themselves I've found many of them to be a discouraging waste of money. We have a big bag full of toys we've purchased through the years that we haven't used a second time because they were a real disappointment the fist time. Each of us has a bedside table with a drawer and my wife and I each have our favorite toys stored there but none that we use all the time.

For me it's cock rings. They keep me harder longer and she likes them but only a specific few. We have one my wife really digs and keeps on her side of the bed that's soft but sturdy with a little brush around the bullet that really rings her bell. She picked it out at a sex shop and I think it's a good idea to take your partner along and have a consensus on this kind of a purchase or it's not going to get used much. Occasionally, and this is kept on on my side, we have a red one that's similar in design but heavier in construction and it incorporates a small anal probe that's rippled and bendable like anal beads. It's about one by five inches, but we use that maybe one to three times as often as her favorite pink one. It seems that if you have a few that are trusted and true you'll use them occasionally to spice things up just like seasonings in your food.

Most of the boy toys I've bought for me have been a waste of time and money. Sleeves that manufacturers swore are like fucking your favorite porn star have left a lot to be desired. When we're separated for a week or ten days due to family or business I can do just as well with my hand or our Panasonic wand vibrator we bought from Costco. I bought a vibrating anal prostate massager and it works but she can do better with her middle finger.

I've bought her a lot of toys that she's politely used once then set aside saying, "Why play with that when I know I can have the 'real deal' any time I want it." That's a wonderful compliment but neither of us have had much use for the toys we've purchased unless their: user friendly, simple to operate, within arms reach and easy to clean up. Good toys aren't cheap and I'd suggest before you buy one you research it on "Rants and raves" here in the Forum. If it's not mentioned ask your friends here in a post or you're liable to kick yourself later. HHH
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one week before i buy a cock rings.
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Tabu Toypro
Alright! Feel free to share your experience with us...
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Read our Sex Blog!
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I buy new sex toys for my husband and I at least every six months.  I love trying out new toys all the time and mixing it up.  You can get different ones for every mood you feel.
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Depends on if you count purchasing with cash, purchasing with gift cards, or receiving for review. For the most part, almost all of my toys are received for review. From there, the rest of anything I want is purchased with giftcards. I'll definitely splurge on a book or two if a company won't offer it for review, though. Sex books make me uber happy. Knowledge = Sexy.
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