P Gell
I think all children "play with themselves." I know many of us were reprimanded as children for "touching that." Sad. (My dh and I simply explained to our kids, boy and girls, that that was something for "your alone time"  and that it was like taking a bath or going potty, it's best when in private, unless one was old enough to have a lover, and it not to be done in the kitchen or the living room or at grandma's......most kids aren't as lucky.

I have a theory that girls masturbate to orgasm much later than boys do, but I could be wrong. All kids "Play" hell, babies like to touch themselves (it feels good) but I am wondering when you either "discovered" you could "play with yourself" until that wonderful thing happened, you you KNEW it would happen and you tried to make it happen and how old you were.

Like most kids I diddled a lot, but didn't realize what orgasm was until my girlfreinds and and I read an article in someone's sister's Cosmo magazine. It talked about using electric toothbrushes and hair brushes and did explain what orgasm meant. I didn't try it myself for several years. (But it was percolating in my head.)

I became sexually active at about 16 years old, saw the look on my bf's face when he came, and he starts asking if I had ever had an orgasm and what he could do to help,  and thought. "I have better learn how to do this right." I had had "wet dreams" a few times, and was pretty sure THAT was an orgasm, but it took me several weeks of trying, by myself,  to get it right.

After that, I kind of had to teach my bf (the man I eventually married, after both of us had sown some Wild Oats for a number of years) what to do to make it happen like I did when I was alone. I think this is about average for girls, but I could be wrong.

Respond if you are comfortable with the subject.

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Hank Alvarez
Okay, I 'll be first. I was probably about twelve or thirteen. I'm not sure and it was a long time ago but a neighbor lady taught me a better way to go. Hank
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I'm right in there with Hank...I was in the 13-14 year old age group. Funny thing is, I dont remember what caused me to figure out it felt good. Must have been a hard on hanging around down there and I had no idea what was going on.

Being raised a good Catholic kid, things like that were never discussed in our house. It was always the 'learn by doing' method.
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Hank Alvarez
Roadie: samie samie here. Good catholic, altar boy, and it wasn't discussed at church, school or at home but we networked. My cousin was the first, he told me to rub it and it would go off like a fire hydrant and it sure did. Scared the hell out of me the first time. Ain't growin' up fun? Hank
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Plum Pudding
Okay I think I may be the first female to answer. I was 12 or 13 when I did. My aunt who was older and told me to much told me about her and her first college experience with another female. she gave a lot of details. me being a teen was curious. so when i went to bed that night i decided to try it out and just when i thought she didn't know what she was talking about it happened and  then it started. I was doing it all the time. I didn't become sexually active until i was 16 or 17.
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I was 12 at the time. I knew absolutely nothing about sex. I was in the bathroom and for no apparent reason got an erection. It felt good to squeeze it, which I did until I exploded - WOW!  I was worried I broke something but it felt so good that of course I repeated it when I got the urge.  Some time later my mom caught me doing it and I caught hell. It still wasn't explained to me what it was all about.
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I was around 5-6 yrs old. I accidentally found out the shower head thing. Didn't know a thing about sex, of course.
Later I tried to tie my best friend (boy) and touch his pants. I was a funny kid!
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I started having sex at 15, but no orgasms with sex until I was probably 20sh because I hadn't quite figured out my body yet.
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Well I think the first time I was able to find any pleasure from masturbation was age 12, but I didn't really try to penetrate myself until later. And I never really had an orgasm until recently when I tried sex toys. And bullets are the best.
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I was a fish out of water when I was younger, and I found out about the water jet at 5.

Edit: I am female, btw.
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It depends... I was still in kindergarten, when i realised that rubbing my pussy against the bed felt good.

But I was 19 by the time i actually managed to get an orgasm....
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Male....I was about 9. I would beat off until I got the feeling. After puberty the feeling was shooting a load. In my mid 50,s I still do it....
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