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I started playing in a garage band when I was 13 and all the other guys were at least 17 so I was the kid but I was actually the biggest one size wise.  I had been playing since I was 6 and knew all the new stuff and alot of the older stuff  and could learn a song in no time just by listening to it. This was back in the day of the Beatles which I didn't really like but also the Moody Blues and Chicago were coming along then too.  One of the guys cousins came by one night and he was in a band with a horn section and did they did lots of Chicago and other big name bands and when he heard me he asked if I would be interested in playing with them as their keyboard player was going in the Army.  I said I would give it a shot and the next night he picked me and my equipment up and we went to this old warehouse/ recording stuido.  They handed me a bunch of sheet music and we started out. I guess I blew them away since after the third song they offered me a job on the spot.  Now all these guys were in their early 20 and were great at what they did. At the end of the night they said that they had a show this weekend and asked if I would be ready, I was nervous but said I would try my best. I practiced hard all were to tapes and on Friday night did my first show.
This might be a little long but you will need to know the back round,  My dad showed up for the first show and after the first set the guys assured him I would be find and they would make sure I didn't get into any trouble being it was a bar and all, so he left and we did the second set. At the end I went up to the bar and got a coke and headed outside to cool off a little and that is when she came up to me.  She was about 5'5'' long brown hair and what we now call a hottie, when she asked for my autograph I was floored and she started to giggle.  I told her to hold onto it as it was the first one I ever gave out.  I was a little nervous and she picked up on it and when it got around to me asking her how old she was she told me she just turned 21 a month ago. I told her happy Birthday and leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead.  She looked at me like I was sick and said,"You can do better than that I hope" and reach up and took my head in her hands and planted one on me, her tongue was halfway down my throat and I froze. The other guys started to hoop and hollar and I got red as a beet. After the kiss she said she would see me back inside and turned and walked away. At the end of the night she came up and handed me a piece of paper with her phone and address on it, and once again fed me her tongue.
When I talked about it to the guys the next day the said that she had asked ab out me and they just told her the usual stuff but didn't tell her I was only 13 so I called her the next day and explained it to her and appoligized to her for not saying anything that night. She thanked me and said I didn't act my age and that I was at least honest with her. She said we can still be friends and that's how it stayed till the night of my 15th birthday.  Oh we kissed and I even felt her up and her me but that was about it until that night. We were playing a private party and I had invited her to come along and have some fun as the drinks and food was going to be free.  I even had a couple of rum and cokes but was no were near drunk, she on the other hand was feeling no pain. I had made plans on going fishing early the next morning with the bass player and was going to stay at his place since we were going to leave about 5 in the morning, but when by the end of the night I knew she shouldn't be driving, I told him I was going to drive her home and he could pick me up there.  I took her car keys away from her just before the last set and she promised not to drink any more. When we finished the roadies broke down the stage and we took off.
I knew she had a good job but when she gave me direction to her place and I pulled up I was a little surprised to find us at a nice size ranch.  Turns out he old man is filthy rich and had bought her the house as a 21 birthday present with all the firnishing to go along with it. I helped her to the door and had to take the key as she couldn't find the hole in the lock.  I had planned on sleeping on the couch but once inside she turned into a wild woman. I closed the door and locked it and by the time I turned around she had her blouse off and pants half way down her legs and was trying to not fall on the floor.  I grabbed her and she kicked off the pants and now was only in a skimpy bra and panties and she threw her arms around my neck and told me to carry her to the bedroom.  I carried her down the hall and into a very big bedroom that had a king size bed, when I went to lay her down on it she pulled me on top of her and that was the end of that.  Before I knew it I had lost my virginity and needless to say the next morning I missed the fishing trip also.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I was 17 and lost my cherry to the next door neighbors son, who also was 17. Needless to say it was not great! :-[
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I'm part of the 17 club and it was NOT GOOD. His dick was too dang big! That thing blocked out the sun!!!! It took me a few years before I figured out how to take my enjoyment from sex. 
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