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the Frisky gives tips and advice on blowing an uncut penis.

"That hoodie on his penis head is a pleasure center. It’s full of nerves, even more nerves than your average circumcised guy. While those additional nerves can create extra feeling, they also create extra sensitivities. Basically, it’s the man clit.  So, tease it with your tongue and even your fingers, but be gentle, baby. Don’t go all Hoover vacuum on him or he’ll think you really suck.

One technique that really hits the spot is circling the inside of the foreskin with your tongue. You can also lightly massage the head with your thumb and pointer finger. But don’t go pressing too hard—again, stay soft with the touch. No one likes getting their hot button prodded, all it needs is a delicate stroke to be a delight.

Now, some guys can’t handle too much attention being paid to their intact tip, so don’t take it personally if he wants you to back off! Always respect your partner’s wishes and no need to get embarrassed. Rest assured, letting him know you’re willing to go the distance can never be a bad thing.

But the truth is, it might be hard to tell if your hot piece is circumcised when he’s up for some action.  Once a penis is locked and loaded, the foreskin rolls back on its own.  However, sometimes it can stay put; so as you’re playing around down there, you may need to move it away from the high-traffic tip. Be sure to ask for permission first, then carefully slip it back a teeny bit. Don’t push is past the head and don’t be forceful.  Easy does it!"

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Thanks! Great tips. 
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Yes! Very useful information. However, each of the techniques ... For example I like to give blowjob on her knees and then I am very excited. Sorry for my bad english

PS: I hope to learn as many here!
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