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1. First, try to buy toys that come with specific cleaning instructions -- if it doesn't (and no "novelties" do), be sure to ask or email a nice sex-toy salesperson for advice. But keep in mind that cheap novelties are often so poorly designed that they can't be cleaned properly. For instance, if a toy has seams but can't be taken apart without it breaking, it'll never get really clean; those nooks and crannies can harbor bacteria that's harmful to sensitive vaginal and anal canals.

2. Wash a toy before its first use, immediately after every use (as opposed to just waiting to clean it before the next time), and immediately before each use, too, if you're not storing it correctly (i.e., if it's gathering dust bunnies under your bed).

3. To prevent corrosion of motor parts and battery compartments, don't immerse vibrators in water unless they're waterproof (but, even then, make sure the battery pack is sealed tightly)...

4. If the toy is monogamous (i.e. only you and you alone use it), you can usually just wash it off carefully with a washcloth and antibacterial soap and then rinse with water, being careful not to submerge any mechanical bits. If you like to share, boiling is best, but there are only certain materials and products you can boil...

5. Silicone toys (without built-in vibrators) are best, because they can be sterilized in boiling water for several minutes. (If it has a removable vibrator, be sure to remove it first.) Or you can also just pop it on the top shelf of your dishwasher to disinfect it (again, sans any plastic or vibe parts). Don't use any harsh dishwashing detergents if you're using the dishwasher -- with all the heat and water, you shouldn't need it.

6. Hard acrylic (i.e. Lucite), glass, and metal toys should not be boiled, though they can be shared without condoms if you clean them really thoroughly (with antibacterial soap and hot water), as they are nonporous.

7. Toys made of all other materials -- Cyberskin, jelly rubber, soft elastomer, soft acrylic -- should be cleaned with soap and water and must not be shared without a condom, as they are porous.

8. Though we fully understand the desire to ride one's dildo bareback, if you use a condom with the materials mentioned in point #7, not only will cleanup be a cinch, your self-love will be safer (especially if you're using a toy that might be seeping phthalates).

9. Most sex-toy stores sell bottled sex-toy cleaners; but while purpose-made cleaners like these might make you feel more secure about passing the white-glove test, they're no better than a good scrub with soap and water.

10. Whatever the product, allow it to thoroughly air dry before storing it away.

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Many novelties come with instructions and many high end toys (like Fun Factory) are sold as novelties. I, too, thought that novelty = less of a toy but, as it turns out, it has more to do with legal issue than quality (most of the time).

When using the dishwasher, do not use any cleaners.

Pure silicone, glass and metal toys can also be cleaned with  10% bleach solution.

I have not used a toy cleaning solution but the really good ones make clean up a breeze because they easily wipe away any liquids and lint. If you have pets, you know how hard it can be to clean off that fur.

Personally, though, I aim to store my toys in a way that does not require me to wash before -and- after because I'm lazy. Heh
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