Hank Alvarez
A bunch of fraternity brothers at a local college were walking down the sidewalk when they saw an old man sitting on his porch swinging lazily on a slider. One tried to get the old man’s goat. He chided, “Hey old timer how long’s it been since you got a little?”
The old man grinned and thought for a second then he replied, “What with the misses past on it’s been a long time.”
They snickered and laughed and one asked, “You think you could still remember how?”
“Oh I reckon I could handle all you could come up with,” answered the old man.
The youngsters laughed again and agreed to return the next night with a supply of willing women.
One of the students missed the second night because of study and asked one of his fraternity brothers what had happened with the old man and the coeds. “Funny you asked,” answered his fraternity brother thoughtfully scratching the stubble of beard he was trying to grow. “When we showed up with the ladies he said he had only one condition.”
“What was that?” the other asked.
“He said that every time he did one she had to go out on the lawn and do a somersault.”
“That’s strange,” remarked the other. “How did he do?”
“Damndest thing you ever saw,” answered the other, “He kept one on the ground and two in the air for most of the night before he croaked.” Hank
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sorry i'm not understand" What with the misses past on it’s been a long time"
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