I walk the six blocks to and from work every day. Rain, shine, or snow, I walk with my head down. It’s not that I don’t like to look at faces, it’s that feet say so much more to me about a person than their eyes ever can.
Red shoes are my favorites. I particularly love red stilettos. It is my good fortune that women seem to think that red heels are absolute wardrobe necessity. I work at a shoe store, so I know. It doesn’t pay much money, but I spend all day selling red shoes to women. Women who have dark sides. Women who are playful deep down, but rarely get a chance to show it. Women who think red stilettos tell the world to watch out.
I can’t buy a pair from work—my coworkers would ask questions. So I recently ordered myself a pair of Red Patent 5” Pumps on-line. Although I prefer tiny feet on women, I went ahead and got them in my size. Wearing them is so much more fun than just looking.
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we were watching Blue Velvet last night and there's a scene with Isabella Rosselini (sigh) that reminded me of this post. You really should rent it.
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