I am really turn on by feet.  I like to sniff shoes, and enjoy sticking my dick in them.  It's gotten where I can only cum if shoes and feet are involved. 

How do I handle this
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Tabu Toypro
Hey Adam -

There are probably plenty of women that would be willing to give a foot job (or something else involving feet) if you discuss it. With any fetish, you must communicate with your partner. There is nothing wrong with becoming sexually aroused by feet (and it's very common) just choose your wording carefully and sniff on!
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Our society handles foot fetishes strangely.  The best advice is the simplest-- foot fetishes are normal.  Many people, both men and women, go to great lengths to make their feet attractive.  In the summer, sandals cause us to show our feet-- and we subliminally recognize the sexiness of toes with expensive pedicures. 
Find a partner that is open to trying to new things.  It is not uncommon for sex partners to rub their feet on each other under the table at dinner parties-- you are simply taking that all the way to the bedroom.  To get your partner to do things your way, try giving a little of what you want to get.  If you like to have your toes sucked, suck your partner's toes.  She may really enjoy it. 
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I once had a boyfriend who had a big time foot fetish. He was the same way, could only climax if it involved feet. But I've certainly dated plenty of guys who had a foot fetish in a less extreme way. I think you'd be surprised how open most people are to getting a little naughty with their feet.
I ended up really loving giving foot jobs. In a way I think it was at least partially a dominance thing. He would lay on the floor while I sat above him on the edge of the bed and ran my feet over his balls and dick. It was definitely a position of power.
But you can also involve feet without making the foot fetish so obvious if you are embarrassed to bring it up to your partner at first. The toe sucking mentioned above is a good suggestion. You can also buy some pretty scented lotion and give your partner a foot massage before working your way up their legs for sex play. I guarantee they won't immediately think you have some strange fetish if you start off slow and easy those ways
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I’ve always gotten a little thrill when shoe shopping. I love how pampered and adored I feel when the sales clerk pulls the shoes from the box, holds them up to get my approval, before sliding my shoes off my feet and carefully, slowly, sliding the new shoe on. Sometimes, even when I found the shoe I needed early on in the search, I would keep on pretending to be displeased with the selection just to watch the sales clerk grovel and try harder.
It wasn’t until I met John that I realized I had a foot fetish and didn’t just like buying shoes. We had been together for a while before he admitted to getting turned on by foot worship. It was shortly afterwards that I realized I got off more from foot worship than he did.
But there’s nothing I like better than shoe shopping, either with a guy who will foot worship me or alone. Either I get the thrill of having a stranger cup my warm feet in his hands as he slides my shoes on and off, or I get to hand my purchases off to my little one, who will follow behind me obediently carrying my new shoes.
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I like it when my man sucks my toes when we're having sex. I like to see them go in and out of his mouth while he fucks me hard.
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