Hello o: i already posted once in the general discusssion area. lessee. i'm a virgin, i'm a perv, but i find it annoying when a bunch of pervy males/females online stalk me, so please don't do that. ehm. i'm working on rectifying my virgin status. um. i'm a bit of a spaz. blame my ADHD. I forget people's names. ^.^ thassit. oh and i never capitalize online. microsoft word does it for me for school work, so i got out of the habit.
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Gotta wonder how old you are, but aside from that, welcome to the forum!
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Plum Pudding
welcome and mistress kay i thought the same thing, especially after reading the other post.
LIve everyday as if it is your last.
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Tabu Toypro
She said 19 in her other post.
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And who among us men doesnt have the desire to have 'the girl next door' spread out on our bed???

Welcome to the Group!
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