I bought a small vibrator here that has leg straps on it. I've been using it at home alot but I finally got up the courage to wear it out. I wore it on the way home from work yesterday during rush hour and it was crazy!!!!!!!
I sat there talking dirty to my husband on my cell with all the cars around me and nobody knowing what I was up to. When I would look around and see people's faces all around I would just get soo hot. I ended up making eye contatct with a guy in the car next to me and it was such a turn on. I told my husband that someone was staring at me and he told me to start carressing myself for him. It was such a kinky turn on that I came...HARD! Luckily traffic started to move after that because I was a little embarrassed and I didn't want this guy to follow me home. Now I think I want to take it out in public, like maybe to the mall or something. Is that freaky or what?
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HOLEY MOLEY how did the guy in the car next to you react? I think this must be every guys fantasy.
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That sounds really dirty...and fun!
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Dark Knight
This one gives a man impure thoughts when he is driving down the highway.
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That's the great thing about using toys that are discreet. Exhibitionism is a huge turn on for a lot of people.
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LOVED the story. I am going to have to get myself one of these!!!! Extremely hot story

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>>  I've been a bad girl
and now ? you are a good girl?
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P Gell
I can't tell for sure, but my man tells me I sometimes lose consciousness for a moment or two when I orgasm. I am afraid I'd crash the car if I did this.

Sounds like fun, if not for the whole "buy a new car a week" thing.
I can be tolerant of almost anything....except Intolerance........and Dairy Products
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next time, try a remote control egg vibrator. let your husband control the vibration.
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