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That quote is from the narrarator of this piece: Chat Roulette by Casey Neistat

What is Chat Roulette? If you have a computer and a webcam, you can find out. (or if not, watch the video) It's a new site that allows you to video chat with anyone else on the network, anywhere. You basically log on and within seconds you are auto-connected to a random user. If you don't like who or what you see, you can click "next" to be connected to another random user and so on. It has a chat screen on the side so you can type away (is there no audio?)

You don't get a user name and they are not enforcing age restrictions at all. So yes, you can basically get connected to any live scene - including the ever present masturbators, of course. Ooh boy, well this should cause quite the controversy. If you have kids, (or a boyfriend) you might want to be aware of webcam sites like this. They may get an eyeful of things even good old tube sites can't show.

Original source: CarnalNation (has another video link that shows the unfortunate clips of users laughing at the fat man in the bra. Sighhhh....)
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