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-Re-post from Domina Doll at Viviane's Sex Carnival

Back in January, I reported on my blog Pop My Cherry about the Aphrodite Massager, nicknamed “the sure thing” as seen on the Oprah Winfrey show with Dr. Laura Bergman.  Just the endorsement of this vibrator by Oprah, in what has been called “the Oprah effect” and how it helped one woman overcome her orgasm obstacles (she climaxed for the first time in years) sent sales skyrocketing, and the sex toy sold out in less than two hours on every major sex store online.

And, while thousands of women waited for their Aphrodite on backorder, I decided to take another route and try Aphrodite’s twin sister the Warming Rechargeable Massager.  Although the Aphrodite retails from between $65-$70, the Warming Rechargeable Massager is almost less than half that price at around $45.

So what is the difference?  No much from what I can tell, except for color and the fact that the Aphrodite has a Greek Goddess name and is endorsed by the Berman Centre and Oprah.  Both vibrators feature plug-in rechargers, both have two speeds, both have 3 silicone massager heads, both feature a flexo-joint so it moves with you and swivel flex joints so the vibrator can be positioned for better dexterity.  In addition to the two-speed vibrations, both the Aphrodite and the Warming Rechargeable Massager have the soothing, warming power of Infra-red heat.  These toys seem to be nearly identical actually and both are made by California Exotics.  I am getting the Aphrodite next week, so will do a real comparison review of the two toys then.

How does the Warming Rechargeable Massager work?  Well, I was impressed by this toy.  I actually got it in the mail at the perfect time.  I was having a stressful week and had kinky neck and shoulder (not the good kind of kink either).  I had already tried Epsom salt baths, but the kink just got worse as the days went on.  Day three into the nasty kink, the massager showed up and I asked my partner to rub my neck and shoulder with it.  As a real massager for muscles the vibrations worked wonders on my neck and shoulder, giving me the relief I had been looking for.  On the low vibration speed, the infrared heat soothes the muscles, and although you can only feel a subtle warmth, it seemed to be working, in much the same way that Physical Therapists use infrared for treatment on an injury.  The infrared doesn’t work on the high setting, but the vibrations are fairly powerful and feel wonderful on the muscles.

As an intimate massager, the Warming Rechargeable Massager worked well too.  Both speeds got me aroused and tingling, but it was the high speed that got me to climax.  This massager has more power that a small clitoral stimulator, but not as much as the Hitachi, so I would place it somewhere in between.  The charge lasts an hour which is long enough to get the job done no matter what your intent.  The interchangeable massager heads are all different: one is smooth, one has bristles and the last is forked.  I preferred the smooth head for clitoral massage and the bristled head for scalp massage.  I love this massager for both muscle and intimate massage and am glad I tried the cheaper version of the Aphrodite first.  I’ll let you know next week, how these two really compare when put to the ultimate test.  If you are tired of waiting for the Aphrodite on backorder and want to see what all the hype is all about, hop on over to Tabu Toys to get a Warming Rechargeable Massager of your own.  Only you will know it is not the “real” thing, and nobody has to tell Oprah!

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