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The Elle 10 Function Clitoral Dancer

"From my experience: When I first opened up this toy, I was immediately drawn to what looks to be a small pinpoint tip and how it has contoured scoop on the head of the product. There are 2 different buttons, One is a triangle button and inside has an arrow facing up to the light. This light change colors, which represent the 10 different functions or rhythm of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Below the triangle button is the instant off power button, which easily shuts off after pressing.

The size was just right for me, and I was anxious to pop some batteries in and get going. To get a good feel of the toy the first time, I just tried the buttons out without actually using the toy on myself. To change function all you have to do is press the top button, which is the triangle with the arrow facing up.

#1 Function is when you first turn the button on, It vibrates in a regular setting, and is as good as you would expect it to be. (light turns green)
#2 Function vibrates a little faster than the normal mode, (light turned orange).
#3 Function is my favorite, it vibrates in a very fast mode, this function is very satisfying for me, (light turned red).
#4 Function provided a fast vibrating pulsation, (light blinks orange).
#5 Function flashes vibration from a pulse to a normal vibrate stroke. (light blinks orange to red)
#6 Function flashes two pulse vibration and a long vibrate stroke (lights from orange blinks to red)
#7 Function five flash vibration from softer to fast mode.(light blinks orange)
#8 Function vibrates like a motorboat sound, from soft, to a pulse, and to fast! (light green-orange-red)
#9 Function vibrates like a motorboat sound, from fast, to a pulse, and to slowing down. (lights green-red-orange)
#10 Function vibrates like starting a motorboat sound to fast mode, to three pulsation vibrates.
(lights green-red-orange)

What makes this toy special is the Soft Rubber-Cote that smoothly slides into the vagina. What amazed me was the pinpoint tip, and how it really stimulates the clitoris. The contour scoop gives the clitoris the opportunity to stimulate and provides special attention to that part. The sensations this toy produced were absolutely awesome. I also test this product in the water, and YES it is waterproof, more powerful and very silent in the water. The only thing I would have really liked to see on this toy was a speed control to suit beginners as well as experienced toy enthusiasts."

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