Artemis Orthia
For those of you who are experienced and students of BDSM you know from where my name comes. I am a corporal Dominant who knows what he wants and has high standards. I currently have an empty collar and am looking for someone to not only wear it, wear it with pride. Someone who knows what she is; knows herself completely and needs a Master to make her stronger; to ease her pain; to make her beautiful, not in the minds of others but in her own mind.
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Welcome, Artemis!

I hope you enjoy participating in the forum.

I'm still a newbie myself and haven't been here as much as I should.

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So glad you've joined us! You could say I have more than a passing interest in BDSM so I would love to hear more about your philosophy.
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Artemis, Eliot and Leather,

I'm honored to meet you and would love to hear more of your thoughts in the future.
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