Hay!!! I put this thread because i want to now what the FL means to u and your sex life?
Many of my friends told me the FL is not good and isn't something special ...
I have Fl and for me that was the best sex toy for man...(ever)
What the you think ???
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they make a few different styles but I think the ribbed one is best.
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what is so special about the fleshlight?
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Pecos wrote:

what is so special about the fleshlight?

well you should try it..then you know..
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People say the original fleshlight isnt that good but the other models are. Just depends on your preference. Ive got the original and it beats a handshuffle anyday!?!
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One of my friends has it and lots it to death. They're pretty durable, and supposedly really tight, so yeah, I'm pretty sure they're worth the hype.
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Well the fleshlight serves many purposes. Your question is quite open ended. So to answer if it is 'real good' or not depends on you.

1. If you're not getting any

If you're not getting any 'real sex', then the fleshlight range of products are a great substitute. The product recreates the feeling of being inside a vagina, and depending on what you're looking for in terms of intensity and realism, you can use different orifices and textures to create different feelings. So some people might argue that it actually can be better than having sex.

2. If you're having sex but want more stamina

Then what is known as the stamina training unit helps you to last longer in bed. It is designed for maximum intensity, so if you can last in it, then you're pretty much certain to last in bed.

3. If your wife is pregnant, or girlfriend has a period and you temporarily can't get sex

A lot of people use the fleshlight in between getting real sex, often because their girlfriend has a period and they are horny, or their wife is pregnant and they can't have sex for a few months.

4. If you want to add spice to your sex life

You can use it with your wife or girlfriend, it's not unheard of to incorporate it as one of the sexy toys in your sex life.

I hope that answers whether the fleshlight is real good or not - but the essence of the answer is that it depends on what you want out of it.
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