Top 10 signs to look for in an interested chick

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All right. So you need to know where you stand with the girl, right? Here are the top 10 signs a girl displays when she's interested! These are in no particular order:

1--CONSTANT ATTENTION--If she's taking every opportunity to go see you, in class, at work, or wherever, it usually means she's taking time out of her day to check you out. Even if it isn't 24-7, if she does it rather often (i.e., more often than your buddies go to see you regularly), it's a good sign of interest. She usually makes it look casual, really; almost hard to tell that she had to blow off other responsibilities to see you. The only thing she WON'T blow off to see you for is to hang out with her girlfriends (unless she's insanely in love with you). Calling is also indicative.

2--LOOKING--Dead give-away. If, as she walks by you, or you go by her, she sneaks a glance at you, and does this pretty often, she wants you. If it happens almost all the time (in mathematical terms, at least 80% of the time), it's that she's craving that attention mentioned above.

3--TOUCHING--Another good give-away. Now, there is friendly touching, which is an ocassional pat on the arm, back or shoulder. Friendly touching is usually quick and has very little contact. This is so the girl doesn't give you the wrong idea. But if she's interested, the time of impact will be greatly increased. She'll keep her hand there for a good long while, and ocassionally will rub your back or arm.

4--PROXIMITY--If, when you hang out or are just talking, she stands/sits really close to you, that's another good sign. Most girls who are just your buddies won't do this, unless that's their way. But, for my experiences, all the girls that were interested in me got up close and personal, some to the point that I could smell their breath ("You had tuna for lunch today, right?". They love to get near you when they're into you.

5--SUGGESTIVENESS--When a major social event comes near (parties, dances, get-togethers, etc.), they'll waffle around the issue of going, but not having someone to go with. This isn't all that common, especially if nothing happens in your town, but I've had this one used on me. Also, they'll try and hint around getting your phone number or giving you theirs. One girl I knew asked to borrow my electronic organizer; when she gave it back, it said, "Call " and had her number on it. She told me, "Just kidding." Duh--if she was kidding, she wouldn't have done that. The point is that they'll usually be waffling around this issue. Some are more direct about it, though.

6--MIMICKING--Oftentimes, they'll try and act the way you act, or do the things you do. For instance, with some of the more, shall I say, academically-challenged girls I've met, I'll act totally different than they do (i.e., I don't use "like" every four seconds). I am usually very formal and educated in my speech. Gradually, they became this way, too. I've said this before, 'cause it's my greatest achievement--getting one of those inner-city gangbanger chicks to say "hypothesis" and "egotistical." Now, THAT'S interest! Also, if you do something physical, and she does it often and consistently, it's also a good sign. Speech patterns are better indicators, though.

7--BODY ORIENTATION and MOVEMENT--Kinda ties in with "Proximity," but different. When the girl's talking to you, she'll lean towards you and try to really follow your conversation with body movements. Leaning is really common; movements that follow your conversation aren't as common, especially with shy, uptight girls. But the majority will exhibit some enthusiasm. Such movements include changing facial expressions a lot (to avoid looking bored or fazed out), hand and arm flailing (looking interested), and shaking legs (not so common).

8--PUPPY EYES--Dead-give-away. If they give you the look, you've won the battle already. You know the look--when they look at you, wtih a smile, their head tilted downward and to the side, and look at you with those big eyes, with a "come-hither" look. It may be accompanied with a request to go to a social event or to her/your place.

9--TALKING ABOUT YOU--Good give-away. If your friends or her friends tell you about how much she's talked about you, it means she's interested and wants the world to hear it, for approval. And if she gets it (which she almost certainly will, unless you're a real bastard, and even then she may still go for you), you'll usually hear about it.

10--DRESSES NICELY ON OCASSION--If you're going out, or are meeting her at a time you don't normally see her, or if you only see her once every so often, an interested girl may dress nicer when seeing you. Kinda hard to tell when you're in school, since she could be trying to attract others. But on those ocassions that you may see her outside of school, or outside of work, she may try and get some extra attention. Also, putting on a fragrance is greatly indicative. You'll know it when she has it on--believe me, it'll be everywhere.

Now, these signals must be:

1) CONSISTENT--You have to notice this constantly and often in order for it to count. If she only does one of these once or twice, it may be coincidence, meaningless, or not even meant for you.

2) EXCLUSIVE--If she does these for every guy in the room, then you're no different than the rest and so you have no exclusive rights to her heart. She's probably a flirt if she does this for everyone.

3) ACCOMPANIED BY OTHER SIGNALS--Interested girls will more than likely exhibit at least half of these signals. Only one isn't enough. Even two is relatively few. I'd say I've seen at least five of these in the girls that were interested in me, and perhaps one in the girls that weren't into me.
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I guess that's for the shy girls....I would just buy em' a drink and tell them I thought they were hot...that was always a clear way to tell if I was interested. ;D
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